Friday, August 24, 2012

Escape to The Movies: "Expendables 2"

I'm sure this will pass without incident.

Also, Tony Scott.


Aiddon said...

It baffles me at how anyone could miss Regan-Era dreck.

Also, this is hilarious:

AmazinglyDisappointed said...

I'm glad that Movie Bob did a review of this because I saw comments at the time of the Amazing Spider-Man's release that said that he was being "biased" against that movie just like he was for The Expendables. I don't agree. Since I was one of those criticizing Bob for his Amazing Spider-Man reviews I want to defend Bob and his Expendables reviews.

I've seen plenty of Bob's reviews to realize that he loves cheesy stuff. That is his thing. And Hollywood action movies from the 80s are exactly that: Cheesy as hell. So when Bob says that he would love to enjoy the kind of movie that the fans of the Expendables franchise keep claiming it is, I believe him. The problem with the first Expendables movie is that in no way shape and form did it resemble any 80s Hollywood action movie ever made. How so? Two words: Shaky Cam.

Bob touched upon that in his review which was: The direction was shit. Had Bob spent just a bit more time talking about the horrendous shaky handheld marathon in that movie I really do believe there would've been less vitriol spewed at him for it. You see from where I sit here's how I see it: Those fans who really love 80s Hollywood action movies that think that it is the golden age of action cinema DON'T ACTUALLY LIKE ACTION MOVIES.

Just listen to anyone of them talk about those trash 80s Hollywood action flicks or even the Expendables itself. All they go on about are the one liners and how funny a bunch of the things that happened in the movies were. They rarely if ever talk about the action save for the, "And then he took this sawed off shotgun and blew his fucking brains out!" The fact that the action in the Expendables' direction was so damn shaky that it made it unwatchable at times yet had a very vocal fandom declaring its greatness proves that point.

Bob was right in his past commentaries that action movies only got better in Hollywood when top action film makers from the East were brought in to do the action since, let's face it, those guys do action better. Sadly what caught on instead was shaky cam which could've been stopped dead in its tracks had many movie goers had standards for their action movies. Since those that grew up only knowing 80s Hollywood action movies have been conditioned to think that action movies have nothing to do with how the action itself is achieved and more to do with the corny machismo that leads those movies it basically opened the door for that bottom of the barrel film making known as shaky cam to rush in and have a long stay.

Since Bob is capable of noticing things like film making that is the reason why he and people like him, such as me, hated the Expendables. If it was meant to be a remembrance, tribute, pay homage to, etc... those 80s Hollywood action movies then where was it? It wasn't shot, edited or scored like any one of those movies. At best it was like a crappy direct to video flick that had some talented people in its cast waste their time and energy.

Anonymous said...

At least this time Bob didn't insult the intelligence of anyone who might have seen or actually enjoyed the movie.

I'll give him credit for not going off on a rant about that at least.

Joshua the Anarchist said...

The Specialist and Machine Gunn Joe. Wow, there's two Stallone references I didn't expect to show up.

Aiddon said...

also, rumor has it that people are trying to get Clint Eastwood to appear in the inevitable sequel. I'm pretty sure I can see him already telling the producers to go screw themselves

Anonymous said...

Hey bob, disagree with your view but respect your opinion and always appreciate your work.

I realize you don't often respond to comments but I was wondering what you thought of JVCDs performance.

I felt it was the high point of the film and damn (Damme?) near his career(though I was disappointed with the final fight, wish it was actually choreographed/less lopsided), and you didn't really touch on it in the review.

Bennett LettingOffSteam said...

Expendables 2 was not worth my time. It's not an 80s homage, an 80s homage requires an actual attention to 80s film-making. You don't make an 80s homage to flicks like Commando by hiring the guy who did the cinematography for TOP GUN. Kimball is awesome but he was never the man for this kind of film. His shooting style is too entrenched in the Bruckheimer/Simpson 90s action flick. They should have got someone like Semler, Cundey or Leonetti. The whole flick is nothing but a self-aware 90s hipster flick featuring a bunch of great stunt guys busting their asses (literally) to make Stallone and company look credible. It's just an excuse for a bunch of guys who look like they couldn't throw a punch without being confined to an iron lung, a chance to collect a paycheck. Sorry but no thanks. I'm paying to see an action film, not a class reunion. And I got a Chuck Norris fact for everybody: Chuck can't act. Seriously, putting a microphone in front of that guy's mouth should be a criminal offense. The only lines that guy can credibly do are the kind that go up his nose.

Anonymous said...

Liam Hemsworth and JCVD should both win the "You did your best" Oscar. They both seemed to be acting in a different movie entirely that accidentally got spliced in during the editing process

Joe said...

@Bennett LettingOffSteam

And I got a Chuck Norris fact for everybody: Chuck can't act. Seriously, putting a microphone in front of that guy's mouth should be a criminal offense. The only lines that guy can credibly do are the kind that go up his nose.

THANK YOU. I've never understood this irrational love for Norris. He was always the least charismatic of the 80s action stars, and definitely the worst actor--in a genre with the likes of Arnie, JCVD and Seagal! His films were devoid of any humour, wit or soul.

Maybe he was a better actual fighter than most of them, but his fight scenes look just as dull and tired as everyone else's after the 90s/00s kinetic Hong Kong-style action became the new norm.

Pyrian said...

I think it's a real shame you late-reviewed this predictable sequel just before the weekend where Premium Rush came out. I think Premium Rush was a very good action movie - perhaps my favorite non-Avengers movie this year (and yes I saw Paranorman on your recommendation, which was good). IMO Premium Rush deserved your attention more than Expendables 2.

Seriously, Premium Rush is the kind of low-billing-yet-excellent movie I depend on reviewers to turn me on to.

Deon Narine said...

Directed by Simon West and written by Richard wenk and Sylvester Stallone, The Expandable 2 is a 2012 American ensemble action movie.

Huma Qureshi

Anonymous said...

Moviebob. You are an idiot. Just because the movie doesn't appeal to your sensibilities doesn't make it bad, especially when you start praising action movies with worse action. I much prefer the 80's movies where you understood every single action scene instead of the shaky cam and quick cutting BS that makes shots incomprehensible to look at in modern action movies.

And all these new techniques, for the most part, are nothing but to cover up crappy fight and gun choreography. It's absolutely mind boggling for you to think that modern action movies have better choreography. Every modern action hero, if you didn't shake up the camera to create a false sense of "action", look like stiff actors awkwardly throwing punches at each other (look at the Bane vs. Batman "fight" in TDKR), instead of the great fight scenes by people like JCVD and Chuck Norris in 80's and early 90's movies due to the fact that these people are, ya know, actual martial artists.

Moviebob, we all know you're still pissed that the Expendables beat Scott Pilgrim, but seriously, let it go. Scott Pilgrim is not that good.