Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong: 1930 - 2012

Neil Alden Armstrong, the first human being to set foot on another world, a human achievement which has not yet been equaled (think about that for a minute - NO human being has done anything as monumental as that since) has died at the age of 82.

I'm having a little trouble processing that today, so instead I think I'll repost THIS:


Jacob Beck said...

Truly, I want to see us go to Mars in my lifetime. Not a robot with ATV wheels and a camera, US.

(Granted, the robots are a nice start.0

Paladin said...

Want to be depressed even more?

The rest of the moon-walkers are roughly Armstrongs' age. In a relatively short period of time, there will be no living beings that have set foot on another planet.

Anonymous said...

@ Jacob,
I second that. As good of a start as we have with that, getting people on Mars would be way more impressive.

TheAlmightyNarf said...

I recall taking the position at the time you first posted that video that even though the Apollo missions started under Democrats, that sort of big American dick wagging military spending (which is exactly what it was) is substantially more likely to happen under a Republican president than a Democratic one. And frankly, between Romney and Obama, which one do you think is more likely to hand NASA a billion or so in increased military spending to do whatever they want just to make the USA look more awesome? Of course, you don't have to think to long about that because we already know what Obama's stance on it is... and yet you and everyone else bitching about it are going to vote for him anyway.

Ultimately, politicians will do whatever will get them elected. So, if you want the space programming to get up and running again, you're going to have to reflect that with your vote.

Aiddon said...

it is rather fascinating at how big that was back in the day and we don't seem to really care about space anymore.

Also, Buzz Aldrin was in the epilogue to ME3. THAT was awesome

Anonymous said...


With the economy the way it is and Republicans spouting off about reducing how much the government spends on things, do you really think Romney's about to go pouring funding into NASA? How would he even sell that to the American people right now?

Not even arguing about whether it's more likely to happen under a democratic or republican president (which I think is a different debate altogether), but it certainly wouldn't happen under this potential republican presidency specifically.

Which means NASA funding isn't an especially compelling reason to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

He truly was a hero.

I get the feeling Republicans don't see NASA as military spending; they see it as frivolity for nerds. It boggles the mind how anti-intellectual and anti-scientific the conservative zeitgeist is right now.

Anonymous said...


Agreed mon ami it is a sad day, although I do need to point out no one has set foot on another planet because the moon know...a moon not a planet.

Semantics aside though he truly was a hero

Megabyte said...

With Narf on this one... I've heard WAY too many argue how "we could use that money for NASA better to fund schools" over the years.

And specifically in this case, having the current administrator of NASA wantint to use it as an outreach program (I dont care to who) "to make them feel good" tells me I don't want the guy who appointed him controlling NASA. (You can guess what President that is.)

Megabyte said...

But to be on topic of this moment.... this is a heavy day. Hope Neil is watching from the ultimate final frontier. And may he rest easy... if anyone has earned it, that's the guy.

Anonymous said...

For me the main argument for continued space exploration is just how cheap it is.
The US military spends more on air conditioning in the middle east than NASAs entire budget.
I just hope we do get back out there someday in a craft named after Mr Armstrong.
RIP man you were my hero.

BookwormOtaku said...

A sad day for all of us who appreciated our manned space program. RIP Neil Armstrong, you inspired many people.

On a comment on your BP episode, if first contact is made by the cast of some reality TV show, then I'm certain we'll be in for a space war. It doesn't matter how peaceful the alien race is.

TheAlmightyNarf said...

@ Anon 9:31 & Anon 9:34

A quick Google search later, and apparently Romney has espressly promised to do so.

Again, it's not an issue of being "pro science', but an issue of American exceptionalism... which the space program has always been.

Omegalittlebob said...

I think part of it may be that once we got to new millenium and we didn't have everything they said we we're going to have in the 70s and 80s, people realized it was going to be way harder to make cities and stuff on the moon. Maybe people just got lazy and decided that if they couldn't have the whole shebang in their lifetime, then they wouldn't bother taking the next step.

Milo said...

I actually asked my dad on the day he died or he was still alive.

Joe said...

I'm greatly saddened by this news, and by all it entails.

And I seem to recall most Republican candidates for president promising money for NASA for some time now--generally right around election time. Usually while stumping in Florida. That couldn't be a naked attempt to buy the votes of aerospace workers, could it? Oh wait, sometimes they promise it in the last year of their second term. That wouldn't be because they can't be held accountable for their successor's actions, right?

Scorpid said...

It makes me sad that the first man in human history to step on ground that wasn't earths is now relegated to that same history in text books. Appreciate Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins and the rest of those men that walked on the moon while we still have them... this is a terribly sad day. To quote Cowboy Bebop "See you space cowboy."