Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New GAME OVERTHINKER Announcement Trailer

Episode 74: "Rusty Pipes" - which will deal with whether or not the Super Mario Bros. series has overstayed it's welcome and that other thing that was revealed at the end of last episode - will make it's debut on Thursday 8/30. ScrewAttack Advantage members can get an early look on Monday 8/27.


Tkscz said...

Has the Mario team run out of ideas? I wouldn't say that, Super Mario Galaxy is a fine example of them having new ideas. Have they been going copy paste with games like new super mario bros and super mario 3D land? In the case of the former, absolutely. The latter, somewhat.

Super Mairo 3D land did a nice mix of 2D Mario in a 3D format, but from the level design to the music, it just feels like a 3D perspective of NSMB. NSMB, on the other hand, feels more like it's saying "LOOK LOOK, it's the NES/SNES Mario that you've been begging for. We brought it back for you and we keep doing it.", but without the personality or charm of the original Super Mario games. NSMB 2 was a good attempt at giving it some personality, the coin collection being part of the gameplay is a good idea as we pointlessly collect coins in Mario games anyway, but not much was done with that idea. In fact, it still feels pointless in the end as you can't really do anything with those coins you collect. They haven't made an attempt to change the level design, it's exactly as it was in NSMB/NSMB Wii. It's almost as if they don't even bother with trying to put more personality in the levels, so they feel very mundane. Like all those so-so platformers on the SNES.

AmazinglyDisappointed said...

Since you posted this here I'll take the opportunity to comment in regards to the last Game Overthinker episode you did which was Episode 73: "The Return" (aka "Going Hollywood").

I was impressed with it. I thought it was one of the best episodes you have done in any of your shows be it Escape To The Movies, The Big Picture or The Game Overthinker.

Lots of stuff to chew on and clearly you have put a lot of thought into the subject which was why it was engaging. Although I can't help but think that you missed out on an obvious reason why most video game movies in Hollywood haven't come out so great. That would be the generational gap. The majority of the video game movies made thus far have been produced, directed and written by people that have no real interest in the video game properties compared to many of the film makers who tackle superhero movies who have a genuine interest in the original source.

Still, you did a great job on it. I enjoyed it very much.

Anonymous said...

Looks like somebody is taking Jim Sterling's lead.

Ralphael said...

I really wish FLUDD and Mario would be reunited.

If Nintendo made a 2 player co-op game where Mario and Luigi had their gamecube era Gadd Gadgets and had to use both of them to complete objectives and kill enemies, I would sell my soul for it.

Wes said...

Tkscz- Agreed, I feel Nintendo's trying to bring the newer gamer generation's focus to Mario's old school roots in attempt to build the same kind of nostalgia affect they've been using in their marketing and production for the older generation. Trying to share the experience of those strong older titles within a new, more appealing format.(for the new gen at least)

AmazinglyDisappointed - Agreed, I think the "reverse engineering" mindset also has a bunch to say for crafting storytelling in games, Here's a story focus, how can I represent that through mechanics and gameplay.

Anonymous- ...what?

Ralphael- THANK YOU. That is exactly what the series needs right now, that and the new Luigi's Mansion. And a second Mario Cart Double Dash, it fits perfectly with their new 'family togetherness' focus.
Nintendo likes stretching out their content to make the most bang for their buck, they're just sitting on all the titles they know would sell well for a rainy day.

Aiddon said...

To those that demand Mario "improve' I ask this: how the FUCK do you improve something that's perfect? Mario is one of the few series that doesn't have flaws in its concept or base design (another one is Tetris). There's really nothing in Mario that needs to be fixed.

Rory said...

Well since Anti-Thinker is making a comeback, ever thought about doing a joke-mailbag episode answered by him? I think it has potential. Here's my potential question to him: If Shadow Link from Zelda II is the anti-Link, then what is the CDI Link? WOW what are all those Heeeeeeeads!

Anonymous said...

@ Wes

It's referring to the Jimquisition episode Old Man Mario, released within a perfect time frame to get Bob's rant juice flowing.

Anonymous said...

Don't play coy. This is going to be about how Mario hasn't run out of new ideas, not whether or not he has.

Also, developers should'nt make new titles done in a different way just because its safer and attracts an audience better, its better than what Activision does but this kind of thing sets a precedent, and using the crutch of saying it will attract a larger audience screams of intellectual dishonesty.

Gus said...

Don't take any offense to this Bob, but to to be perfectly honest, I would be 150-200% more excited for the Wii U if it was launching with a new 3D Mario Title. Even if it was just the 3rd Mario Galaxy game I would totally be on board. I'm sorry, but the New Super Mario Brother titles look more an more stagnet as the time goes on.

1.They do absolutely nothing to show off the Wii U's new HD graphics capability. If you are going to release a brand spanking new console with a mario game that looks like it came off a DS, that's not exactly good advertising.

2. As far as graphics, physics, gameplay, music, and level design go, the Demo to Ubisoft's Rayman Legends knocks New Super Mario Bros. U out of the freaking park, and in it's own genre for that matter. Talk about embarrassing.

Like I said before, the latest batch of 3D Mario games have been a ton of fun. My friend Chris from No Right Answer loved 3D Land, Both the Galaxy games were great. And Sunshine I consider to be an underrated classic. Of all the Mario [platformer] games, that had probably the most unique and fleshed out plot. I'd LOVE Nintendo to do something crazy with the franchise like that again.

They won't of course, do to Sunshine's shunned reception, but still, like I said, Even just Super Mario Galaxy 3 would be so welcomed. Those games already looked amazing as they were, just imagine what they could do in HD.

SaLaDiN_5 said...

If you are talking about where the mario franchise could evolve go well they have already got there have you ever played super mario land 3 wario land? it has the best new moves (forward shoulder attack,fast decent,grab ceiling,con. flamethrower, take out 10-coins and throw them, grab-n-throw enemies etc) and new types and styles of enemies and ready original fight system for bosses and funny need-to-pay stuff needed 10-value-coin stuff like checkpoints or level-exit doors the coin and treasure collect system was awesome and "lives for player by killing enemy and finding 1/10 of life in ?boxes" system was there -- and although it was a big success that lead that team to start developing Kirdy- Dream land they never kept those stuff I know it was Wario and not Mario but they need to remember that even in 2d there so many "moves" and styles someone can pull.