Thursday, August 30, 2012

New "Game OverThinker" is Live!

A few weeks ago, my colleague Jim Sterling did a video on what he so as the waning (or, at least, "water-treading") state of the Super Mario Bros. franchise which, along with a general sense of "I've gotta get to this at some point" regarding the matter, inspired me to undertake this episode... which is NOW SHOWING on ScrewAttack!

Embedded video (and SPOILER TALK) after the jump:













So... "gotcha," I guess. The AntiThinker WAS back... for about five minutes. I've been planning this bit, broadly, since before shooting wrapped on "War of The Thinkers." AntiThinker was always going to go away for at least two "arcs," then come back but in an unexpected context. Not long after that, the notion of adding "evil robot" ("RoboThinker," who you'll probably see in the metallic flesh next episode time permitting) to the evolving bad guy character-roster (alongside "ninja" and "demon") and "Terminator parody" seemed like a logical way to go about doing it.

THEN it occured to me that A.) I hadn't really done a Dragonball Z parody yet, either, and it seemed like a natural fit for the show; B.) DBZ's Androids/Future-Trunks/Cell episodes WERE a Terminator riff and C.) a version of The OverThinker in Trunks' purple hair, blue coat and sword ensemble would (hopefully) be inherently funny... it was suddenly an obvious manuever: Let "OmegaThinker's" debut be taking out AntiThinker in a parody/recreation of the "Oh no not MORE Frieza epis-OH! Frieza's DEAD just like that!?" debut DBZ gave Trunks.


KevinCV said...

I was VERY close to a facepalm when you said "Come along, Pond". But given that the "Doctor Who" Series 7 premiere is on Saturday and has a FUCKTON of Daleks, adding to the fact that it's my 26th birthday is 2 days after, I think I can find it in my heart(s) to forgive you.

Anyway, great points, Bob. I'd love that Mario take some more risks, too. I'm personally still holding out for another Mario game with FLUDD, because "Mario Sunshine" was brilliant! Voice-acted cutscenes notwithstanding, of course. Keep up the brilliant work! :)

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you mention more of the Mario RPGs/Paper Mario series? They're far better than the platform games.

Tom said...

This mean you're watching Doctor Who now, or are you just up on memes?

ANImaniac said...

Not bad, I think you've gotten a lot better at he whole story lines thing.

Joe said...

I love how you took advantage of this episode to sneak in a look at your new digs. Looks like a really nice place.

Razmere said...


Gordy said...

Wow. That was indeed a truly awful Connery impression. As a Scotsman, I'm almost offended.

Should have gone for two 'Highlander' references and had him call you a "shithead" though.

David (The Pants) said...

I agree with ANImaniac.

But my first impression (Having not had cable as a kid and therefore not into DBZ) was that it was HitGirl. Welp.