Saturday, August 04, 2012

New OverThinker Debuts

FYI, the most recent episode of "The Game OverThinker" is now live on ScrewAttack and on The Other Blog.


Anonymous said...

Random question: Whatever happened to your "Who's Your Daddy" sub-series? As far as I know, you've only done one episode of it. ( Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, serious question time nao:

I haven't played a Nintendo game since either Majora's Mask (which I LOVED!)* or Mario 64, whichever you consider the latter Nintendo title (given your Mario-bias and all). Grown-up life, job, college, regular job, real-life considerations, family stuff all got in the way, maybe you understand, maybe you don't, don't matter.

What would you recommend is the best way for someone like me to get re-acquainted with the Nintendo franchise and with classical (read: late-80s to mid-90s) Nintendo-style gaming? I ask because 1) I've been thinking about this for some time and 2) I've long felt like I separated with Nintendo on a bad note: I enjoyed the hell out of the N64, but rejected the Gamecube (never bought it, never played it) whole hog and threw all console gaming aside in the early oughts to focus on other aspects of my life (back when I started college, waaaaaay back in the day). But that itch has always been there, y'know? Never satisfactorally resolved. It was my childhood, it was my adolescence, like it's always gonna be part of me.

You seem like a guy who never lost touch (except in your college years, which I recall you mentioning once long, long ago), because you did end up re-connecting; you gotta know something about that, right? I think you do. I've been following all your shows for a couple years now, at least.

Is the Wii worth getting nowadays? Is the latest Mario game (the one with the 3D and Tanoooki suit you've been squeeing about so much) a good path back in? Would a modern-day Zelda hold up for someone who still thinks a Link to the Past is the best the franchise will ever be? For a fan who hasn't played Zelda since Majora and Metroid since Super (or Symphony of the night, depending on your definition), is there that much left, or has so much changed that you think it wouldn't be worth it? The money isn't so much the obstacle, it's the danger of re-living old memories and finding them not up-to-snuff. Though I'm about your age, I think it's safe to say I've been out of gaming longer than you have ever been. Do you have any advice for those of us who don't know if it's worth trying to get back in?

* Much better than Ocarina, I don't care what anyone says.

SirRosser said...

Damn, Bob, you freakin' NAILED this one! Very much kudos. Incidentally, I'm looking forward to your Mario and Castlevania movies.

Laserkid said...

@anon 2

Obviously, I'm not Bob, but I may be able to offer you some suggestions and thoughts, as an oldschool gamer who pretty much stayed with nintendo through the gam,ecube and wii eras, albeit witha PS2 and 360 as a side console through those gens (as I had a POS1 alongsid emy N64) for 3rd aprty games.

The first thing I'd ask back is which you're more trying to recapture - NES/SNES super mario bros/world or N64 Mario 64. If its the former super mario 3d land will absolutely capture the oldschool feel (as will the new super mario bros series). if its the latter, both super mario galaxy games are fantastic experiences that are worth your time.

As for the Zelda space, as someone who ALSO thinks LttP is the pinnacle of LoZ (and not a huge OoT fan) - I would highly encourgae you to seek oput Wind Waker on the gamecube, and Minish Cap on the Game Boy Advance.

With Metroid opinions vary so wildly that its hard to toss a reccomendation out, but I personalyl find Metroid Fison on GBA, Metroid Prime (either gamecube or wii release), and Metroid Other M are great gamesd. If you're looking for a good metroidvania experience any of the DS Castelvania titles are worth your time, and while not on nintendo platforms Batman: Arkham Asylum is a really godo modernt ake on that formula (Arkham City, while good, and will be on wiiu uis mnore of a sandbox game however).

To the consoles themselves, this is a difficult question to answer. A lot of my reccomendations ahve been wii titles. I am hesitant, however, to reccomend the wii when the wiiU coems out at the end of this year with full backwards compoatability wioth the Wii. However, it will have no compatability with gamecube discs. The offset to thsi is that gamecube games will be added to its irtual console service. This can be an unexpected boon, however, due to the starting to become difficult to find gamecube games.

Consoles do require that you have some free time to sit down and play them, and it sound slike your life is quite busy, in such a case the 3DS may be your better bet - as before mentioned new super mario bros is good fun (on DS which the 3ds can play), and super mario 3d land is excellent. in addition several NES titles, amnd game boy titles are availablke on its virtual console service.

Ultimnatly I can't give you one answer, however I hope this information is useful to you.