Monday, August 06, 2012

Will The Avengers Battle GALACTUS?

Variety and others are reporting that there's big doin's in the world of Marvel movies once more: Supposedly, Marvel/Disney and Fox are in serious talks about swapping around some rights. See, while Fox is already going ahead with a "Fantastic Four" reboot from "Chronicle's" Josh Trank; their other Marvel franchise, "Daredevil," has been stalled after David Slade left the project, and Daredevil's contract is much closer to running out. So, evidently, the two studios are working out a deal: Fox can keep Daredevil (with JOE FUCKING CARNAHAN in talks to direct! Holy shit!) on an extended contract... and in exchange, Marvel Studios gets the movie-rights to bring both GALACTUS and THE SILVER SURFER to their shared-universe!

Gee, what could they possibly want to have a giant space-monster onhand for?

There's a school of thought emerging among comic fandom that people should be rooting/pulling for all Marvel movies not being produced BY Marvel Studios to fail so that Marvel/Disney will get the characters back and the Marvel Movieverse can officially add them to continuity. I'm not in that school - it'd be COOL, don't get me wrong, but I don't think that Marvel is the only studio capable of doing their characters justice and I do worry that the (at this stage) still more producer-driven, mandatory-schedule manner in which the Marvel Studios movies are being made could scare less "controllable" but otherwise well-matched directors away from certain projects. The idea that average "in-continuity" stories are preferable to good/great "non-continuity" stories because it's more fun for long-term fans to keep track of the links has been somewhat damaging to comics, I wouldn't want the same thing to become true of movies.

Besides, not every scenario is Sony/Spider-Man. Spider-Man is a HUGE property, and Sony is a massive corporate entity that regards Disney as a major economic rival; both reasons for them to fight tooth and nail to keep those rights. Fox, on the other hand, is a smaller studio that's only recently begun to turn around a losing record. It's entirely possible that they might be willing to ink a deal later, as BAD suggests, to "share" the characters - i.e. Fox gets to make "Fantastic Four," "Daredevil" and "X-Men" movies but they'd be officially "part" of the Marvel Movieverse via shared credit, profit-swaps, some references ("Hell's Kitchen hasn't been the same since Thor dropped a giant space-whale on it!") and maybe a cameo here or there.

Fox, really, would be crazy NOT to make that deal - whatever it'd cost them short-term would very likely be made up by having a comparitively minor fixture like Daredevil or the still-not-well-absorbed-by-non-fans Fantastic Four get the boxoffice-boost of being tied-in to the juggernaut that is now "The Avengers." Plus, getting rid of the whole "Fox owns all the mutants" thing would give Marvel/Disney live-action access to a lot of useful B and C-list characters... also, let's face it: Hugh Jackman would probably be more than happy to put his Logan claws back on for "The Avengers" or a cameo someplace else, since he needs that Wolverine money to support his less-profitable roles (aka any movie where he isn't Wolverine.)


Goraman said...

I want, I very badly need, to see Galactus and Thanos having an interdimensial dick-measuring "I'm the biggest badass" contest.

Timothy said...

I'm honestly not sure which part I'm more excited about - that Galactus and Silver Surfer could become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or that we might get a Daredevil movie directed by Joe Carnahan.

Anonymous said...

This, along with Marvel making Guardian's of the Galaxy, may be evidence of an "Annihlation" adaption.


Cyrus said...

Still, the complete abscence of the whole socio-political issues surrounding mutants might actually keep the Marvel Movieverse lighter on its feet. On the other hand, the possibility of a well executed adaption of Civil War is tempting.

Also the Wasp needs to be in Ant-Man/Avengers 2, mutant or not.

AmazinglyDisappointed said...

"There's a school of thought emerging among comic fandom that people should be rooting/pulling for all Marvel movies not being produced BY Marvel Studios to fail so that Marvel/Disney will get the characters back and the Marvel Movieverse can officially add them to continuity. I'm not in that school"


So what was all that that hate on Amazing Spider-Man movie where you yourself noted that you were "rooting" against Sony for?

Short term memory or just being dishonest again?

On another point, I would rather that the Daredevil rights go back to Marvel but if Fox keeping the rights means that Joe Carnahan will get to direct it I am all for it. Far better than David Slade directing and definitely a much better project than that Death Wish remake they were talking about Carnahan being attached to. I hope he swaps it for Daredevil.

Anonymous said...

amazingly disappointed... I dont usually comment im more of a reader but i feel like every post bob makes ends up having some yahoo or group of yahoos calling him out on the spider man thing. Its gotten old dude find something new to bitch about please. Not every Internet pundit is going to validate your opinions so learn to deal with it in less annoying ways please.

Kholdstare said...

Oh. My. Gods. This is amazing news and great for both sides. I NEED Galactus in my Marvel Universe.

Sam Robards, Comic Fan said...

I really, REALLY want this deal to go down.

'Nuff said.

AmazinglyDisappointed said...

@Anonymous I don't believe that you never commented before here. If that were the case then why would you have read all of the comments in the past that have criticized Bob's behavior in regards to ASM and only now decide to post something?

After all, the majority of what I wrote actually had to do with Joe Carnahan possibly directing Daredevil. You could've replied to that if you really wanted to concentrate on something that wasn't annoying to you.

Anonymous said...

@Amazingly Disappointed

Sixty-six out of 146 words (or 293 out of 702 characters) were about the new Daredevil director, so by what measure was the majority of what you wrote about that?

Seriously, we all get it now. Bob apparently hunted down and murdered your family and slashed a negative Spider-Man review into each of the corpses, or at least that is the only thing that would justify the level of bile you enjoy wretching up on this topic every chance you get. My god man, get a life already!

By the way, I have also been reading your comments for a while, and I, like my predecesor, am just sick of your damned bitching and moaning. You can feel free to believe whatever will help sustain your pathetic worldview where you are the lone champion wandering the plains, fighting the dastardly Duke Moviebob to save the damsel in distress that is Amazing Spider-Man. However, don't call someone a liar just because he points out what a horse's ass you are. It just shows he's right.

AmazinglyDisappointed said...

Someone who actually went out of their way to count the words of my post just to desperately try and prove some kind of point shouldn't be telling other people to get lives.

And on the word count issue, note that what I said was, "After all, the majority of what I wrote actually had to do with Joe Carnahan possibly directing Daredevil."

Now, count the words again but leave out Bob's quote because it doesn't count in regards to what I myself wrote.

And here you are again saying how much you don't like talking about this and yet you decided to ignore the other comment I made once more that you could've concentrated on but instead talk about the very thing that you say they don't want. Brilliant reasoning.

MovieBob said...


My objections to Spider-Man staying with Sony are not that he can't be in the Avengers-universe. That'd be COOL, sure, but its not going to be some kind of dealbreaker.

My objection (apart from the finished product being a bad movie) is that - if I may get a little sentimental here for a moment - Spider-Man has always been my favorite out of all these guys; and I'd like him to be under the care of a production team or AT LEAST a filmmaker who cared about him or at least "got" the character. He (and I) had at least part of that with Raimi; now there's NONE of that because Sony clearly doesn't care beyond the cashflow and Marc Webb either doesn't care or doesn't get it.

See: the current "Daredevil" project-to-be. I fully expect it to be a lot less "close" to the comics than the previous version visually (wouldn't be surprised if they ditched the costume, even) but I have ABSOLUTE faith that Carnahan is the right guy for the "70s/80s Frank Miller gangland" approach they're apparently shooting for based on "Smokin Aces." (I'd explain WHY "Smokin Aces" is practically a Marvel movie already, but I'd be spoiling it. Go watch it, though - its AMAZING.)

Sanunes said...

I personally don't have a problem with Sony having the rights to make Spider-Man movies, but at the same time I rather them make a movie for a reason more then "we need to keep the license".

Regarding Smokin' Aces is probably one of my favorite films right now a, its definitely a fun film to watch. Maybe someday we could have Big Picture on your feelings about it one day.

Joshua the Anarchist said...

I hope they do cut a shared credit deal, because as cool as Galactus vs Avengers would be, I'm not in favor of splitting up the Fantastic Four and Galactus properties. I'd like to see the classic Coming of Galactus story done justice first.

Besides, I'm still jonesing for a good Thing vs Hulk fight.

AmazinglyDissappointed said...

@MovieBob You know, when I wrote the "short term memory" thing I was joking but I guess it's serious. Bob, I wrote several replies directly to you in regards to ASM and you "reviews". I pointed out they several of your gripes were contrived and incorrect. You're replying almost as if you don't realize we've been through this. The very reason you kept citing you were rooting against Sony was because you claimed they didn't want the rights to go back to Marvel (which is not the whole story) so that puts you in the same camp as those that want Marvel movie rights character to revert to Marvel Studios.

Considering that you were rooting against the movie before it was even made I just don't buy that you say it's because they didn't "get it". They did in my opinion and I enjoyed the movie much more than Raimi's first movie.

In regards to Carnahan, it seems you missed the part where I agreed that Carnahan is a great pick as a director. I've seen all his movies and as I also previously said this I think this is far more exciting project for him than the Death Wish remake he was attached to. It also gives me hope for the project now that David Slade is off. Hopefully Carnahan will be given a crack at the script as well.

We must be disagreeing on tone because I don't think Smoking Aces is something to go on for Daredevil. I'm thinking the hard edge of Narc but with similar action sensibilities of his A-Team movie which criminal underperformed at the box office. I quite enjoyed that one so it's sad there won't be a sequel to it. If he makes a solid Daredevil movie it'd be great to see him get a franchise deal out of it. I sure do hope you are off on your hunch of them not going by the look of the comics though.

Eze said...

Looks like Fox doesn't want to cooperate...


Kyle said...

I liked Smoking Aces a lot. Is THAT who is going to direct the new DareDevil?? I'm on board.

50 cal sniper is serious shit. So awesome.

Anonymous said...

You know Amazingly Disappointed, really needs to get over his fetish of Amazing Spider-Man seriously. Its getting to be problem when you attack every time Bob mentions it on his site or in his videos. And its also getting pretty old.