Monday, September 03, 2012


YouTube sensation FreddieW has a fun new short up, "Old School vs. New School;" which feels a lot like a mash-up of Patrick Jean's "Pixels" with the third act of "The Avengers." Check it out below:


Rarer Monsters said...

Old School Wins? Huh, I wonder why Bob liked this film.

Hmm, reactions: Girl who played Lara was freaking gorgeous, even if she died offscreen and they got her costume wrong. She wears shorts, not skin-tight spandex holy crap why am I complaining.

Ezio was kind of goofy, like 90% of his parkour seemed unnecessary.

I think Cheif would have won if he called the competent new school people, and not just... you know, like a few guys. Also, did he not feel like helping?

All in all, pretty fun for an indie film. And the photographic effects are pretty well done.

Aiddon said...

I would ask for Samus vs Master Chief, but Haloid already scratched that itch

Artrex Denthur said...

This is one of the most boring movies I've ever seen by FreddieW...

So if you liked it, I would definitely consider going through the rest of their stuff :)

(And to clarify, I did enjoy this vid, it's just not as awesome as usual)

Also, the back-flips were silly said...

Wouldn't Laura be considered old school? It was more "Humanoid Vs. Pixelated," imho

KevinCV said...

The only vid of FreddieW's I actually liked was his "First-Person Mario" vid, which took the typical 8-bit Mario platforming concept and slathered it in a biting satire of the FPS genre. It was really cool.