Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Crave" Hits at Fantastic Fest

"Crave" is the feature directing debut of Charlie de Lauzirika, who's been one of the top-tier DVD producers for years now. The film was just awarded the Best Director (Next Wave) prize at Fantastic Fest.

Big fan of his work, never met him personally (in reality, anyway, we'd had some friendly interactions on a long-gone movie chat outlet maybe ten years ago) but he's always struck me as one of the good ones. Good to see him make it.


Terrence Edwards said...

This actually looks really good. Edward Furlong? Ron Perlman? Yes, please.

Zeno said...

Whatever happened to that film adaptation of Hard Boiled that Nick Cage and Frank Miller were going to do?

Dominic said...

As an Australian, it's very cool to watch Josh Lawson, known here for appearing on light-hearted variety and comedy shows, play something vastly different, and play it well. Kudos to him, for that and for picking a project that very clearly does NOT glamourise vigilantism; a good antidote to what we tend to see on the subject. Hope the movie's good, too.