Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Is "Lee's Adventure?"

I'm being told on good authority that a Chinese film called "Lee's Adventure," billed as the big breakout vehicle for Jackie Chan's son and just screened at Fantastic Fest, is the next great "movie about video games." Based on an animated short, plot concerns a teenager with a bizarre mental affliction attempting to complete a game which he believes will allow him access to time-travel. Trailer below the jump:


Chris Cesarano said...

I have no idea what just happened in that trailer, but I'd watch that movie.

DrJinjiro said...

This looks interesting, getting a surrealistic vibe from it. Will have to watch out for it if it comes to the UK.

Wes said...

... Yes. I don't know how or what. But yes.

Scott Glasgow said...

I must say, this looks like what I would imagine Videodrome would have looked like if it were made now and was about video games' effect on the 'human psyche.'

FinalCupil said...

What the Fuck did I just watch?

And when can I see it? I want more!

Berenice Marlohe said...

Lee's Adventures is a Chinese animated movie, which is one of the hottest short film and animation on the Internet in China of the year 2010.

Berenice Marlohe