Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cruise Kneels Before Zog

Everything about "Jack Reacher" looks good... except Tom Cruise. He's not a bad actor, he's not an actor I dislike... it's just that his whole "aura" - scrappy, intense, perpetually-youthful - seems like bad casting for a character they're essentially selling as John Rambo: Consulting Detective.

Still, this new trailer makes the film a must-see by revealing Werner FUCKING Herzog as the villain(?) For a guy who's spent so long being a movie maverick, it's fun to see how enthusiastically Herzog has embraced present-day Hollywood's overdue fascination with him:


The Mason said...

WTF was up with the last 10 seconds of the trailer?

"Hey Action Hero, thanks for making our lives interesting for a moment, here is my hat for a few minutes, which you can use to avoid detection by the police. Though I have no idea why I am helping you, and I refuse to vocalize any attempt at a reason"

"Gee, thanks random black guy with hat!"

Sanunes said...

@The Mason - I agree with what you are saying, but there might be a context to that scene that we don't fully have.

It seems to be interesting, but I do agree with you MovieBob something just seems off about Tom Cruise, but I think this is the first movie in awhile of his I might actually see in a theater. I think the last one I saw was the original Mission Impossible movie in the mid 90's.

Razmere said...

This could be fun.

Mads said...

I think tommy is probably (in)famous at that point - could be some weird vigilante angle.

Jetamungo said...

The Reacher character is great because he is both brutal and very intelligent.
In the second book he's in a militia camp running around with his clothes torn to bloody rags, sniping people from rooftops.
But in the fourth, he's helping the FBI investigate a serial killer.

I dont know of many action heroes that are also great investigators other than Batman, so its great that they are making a Reacher movie.

The only real problem that many have already pointed out is that reacher is 6 foot 4 in the books which adds to his physical intimidation, where as Cruise is quite a bit shorter. But if he can portray Reacher with a steely resolve and a tinge of humor he should be fine.

Anonymous said...

@The Mason, it made total sense to me; it was a random act of kindness: The guy knew the cops were after him and he helped him out. There's no need for dialogue because that's the magic of cinema.

Anonymous said...

Well, actually he is a crappy actor.