Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I get the sense that there's going to be a lot of unease and divisiveness with "Hitchcock" (the breezy-looking "making of 'Psycho'" Alfred Hitchcock movie that now has an official trailer) and "The Girl" (the dark "Hitch stalked, tormented and probably sabotaged the career of Tippi Hedren" Alfred Hitchcock movie from HBO) coming out around the same time. Hitchcock is God to three and counting generations of film buffs, and "cinephile culture" has always had a hard time reconciling "Hitch the lovable oddball genius" with "Hitch the petty, domineering creeper."

The thing is, from the trailers I'm feeling like "Hitchcock" looks like the better movie overall (they both look pretty good, really) ...and I'm kind of bracing at that observation, unable to help wondering whether it really looks better or if it's - at least partially - my own Inner Film Student automatically preferring the movie hawking Hitch The Mythic (the mega-famous Hollywood director still conducting himself like an indie/outsider rascal within "the system") to the one looking to tear the myth down a bit.

What I wonder is, if "Hitchcock" IS the better movie  (Hopkins is certainly doing a better Hitch than Toby Jones IMO - though they both come off like themselves "doing" Hitchcock, who was too much of a self-caricature for any actor to really "embody" at this point), will there be a "pushback" among critics for actually saying so for fear of being seen as wanting to continue "whitewashing" it's subject? Dunno, we'll see.


Sean Penn said...

im done with that clingy whore

ANImaniac said...

Thank you Bob you have just made my day.

"The Girl" looks so-so I've known the behind the scenes story of The Birds for a while and how much of a dick Hitchcock was.

Now on the other hand "Hitchcock" looks fucking amazing and Anthony Hopkins really looks the part.

TonyCoog said...

While both films look really good, I'm more inclined to like The Girl more than Hitchcock as (whilst Hitchcock does look great and Anthony Hopkins is set to give a great performance) the part of me that's a massive fan of Toby Jones (to all those who doubt his acting watch Berberian Sound Studio) and I'm inclined to prefer the Toby Jones film in any scenario like this

Pat said...

This reminds me of when "Capote" came out and then "Infamous" came out shortly after and didn't do nearly as well because its thunder got stolen.

...Hm, Toby Jones starred in "Infamous" as well.


Paul said...

So who will prevail? Odin or Arnim Zola?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm inclined to back Hitchcock straight off the bat just on the basis that HBO has decided that it doesn't want the UK to see the trailer for The Girl so has blocked YouTube from displaying it.

In fact, I'm incredibly entertained that the icon of American cinema is being played by a Brit TWICE in quick succession. It seems like a shame but I suppose it does make up for all those times British figures have been cast with American actors.

Andrew said...

@ Anonymous

Why shouldn't "the icon of American cinema" be played by a Brit? He was a Brit, and his method of speaking, complete with accent, is very well known.

And he was an icon of British cinema too. The 39 Steps, The Lady Vanishes and the first Man Who Knew Too Much are all really good films.

Now if they came out with two Spielberg biopics and cast Brits in them, THAT would be odd.

Andrew said...

Anyway, these movies both look pretty uninteresting. Just seems like an excuse to have current actors pretend to be famous old ones. I'd have even money that "Cary Grant" will show up at some point (open the movie on the set of North by Northwest maybe?), though it would be pretty funny if they got Clooney to play him.

Scarlett does NOT look like a good choice to play Janet Leigh - though oddly enough, Michelle Williams (AKA last year's Marilyn Monroe) would have been a better choice - and we know by now she just doesn't have much of a presence on-screen beyond her looks. I don't know whose idea it was to get Jessica Biel in this kind of a project. They couldn't have cast ONE talented young actress for either of the "film"'s leads? I hope the cast hams it up, and that it isn't just trying for Oscar bait.

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course it's going for Oscar bait. It's being released in January. It's a lock for Best Actor and Best Actress already.

TheAlmightyNarf said...

"Hitchcock" looks like little more than fan-wank, though Hopkins is pulling him off pretty well. And "The Girl"... well, looks like the sort of direct to TV movie that it is.

Anonymous said...

I say we splice in the two movies

indy42 said...


Released in November, you mean. Releasing it in December would put it out of Oscar contention season.

Bobby said...

@indy42- Releasing in December is still fine for Oscar contention season, fyi.

No offense to Sienna Miller or Toby Jones, as I admire both of them, but the thing that pushes me away from "The Girl" is how unconvincing Jones looks as Hitchcock. The make-up job is really bad, and makes me question the whole thing. I have no doubts Jones will act amazingly in the film though.

Hopkins on the other hand, looks far more like Hitchcock, especially in the profile. I want both to be good, but I am more excited for "Hitchcock".

Chris Cesarano said...

Huh. And here I thought it was pretty well documented that Hitchcock was an asshole.

I mean, just because you make good movies doesn't mean you aren't an asshole.

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