Wednesday, October 03, 2012

"Uh-oh, Silver!"


Armie Hammer stopped by the Jay Leno show tonight and brought with him the trailer for Disney's new "Lone Ranger" movie, in which he plays the title role opposite "real star" Johnny Depp as Tonto. You might recall that the script and budget for this were considered such a disaster-in-waiting that the whole thing was scrapped for awhile, but they decided it was too big to fail and threw more money at it.

E! has the online version of it (there's no embedable version yet) in case you want to see what America's 50-and-over sports bar patrons will be sputtering with outrage about tomorrow afternoon. (Seriously, the only interesting thing about this will be the innevitable spectacle of older dudes who would never be considered "geeks" of any kind freaking the fuck out about Depp's Tonto costume, the lack of the William Tell Overture in the trailer, etc.)

The movie, though? Wow... does this look horrible; and Depp being the clear focus of the trailer means they've already decided to pre-Jack Sparrow the production which is probably a mistake. I'm getting the sense, perhaps too optimistically, that this could wind up being a major dud for Disney (it's being positioned as their big 2013 July 4th movie) as the tidal wave of "we're sick of this shit now!" that should've hit the fourth POTC movie finally catches up with the Depp/Verbinski cash machine - when it hits, it'll be competing with both "Man of Steel" and "Iron Man 3" having already opened.


David Howard said...

This is basically Alice in Wonderland all over again where Depp's performance as a supposed supporting role outshines the lead and ruins all assemblance of character hierarchy.

The Robotaku said...

With every passing day I am frustrated that Disney seems to keep doubling down on bad launches of ancient properties (I even liked John Carter, and I can't call it a good movie by any means), but keeps remaining mum about a new Tron film.

I know there's an underpinning of "executive disappointment due to failing to meet expectations", but the film still broke 400 million worldwide and it's tie-in animated series is doing well enough they elected to extend it's episode run. There's something there... something to throw legitimate money at.

Blue Highwind said...

@Robotaku: I know I'd love to see another Tron movie.

Also this is probably the worst pop culture recreation I've heard of in awhile - like as bad as Cedric the Entertainer starring in the Honeymooners. Do you know how I even KNOW of the Lone Ranger? Looney Tunes parodies. - Just watch this instead.

David Daut said...

I don't know Bob, I'm willing to give this one the benefit of the doubt. I genuinely like Gore Verbinski's work and if anything the terrible Pirates 4 actually made me miss the Verbinski/Depp team up considering that franchise was handed off to Rob Marshall.

Let's not forget that Verbinski essentially reinvented the Pirate Movie sub-genre, a sub-genre that had been declared dead for years. What's to say he can't do the same for Westerns with The Lone Ranger? I know you weren't particularly a fan of Rango, but I thought it was a lot of fun.

If this whole thing turns out poorly than I'll eat my words, but for now I'm cautiously optimistic. I just don't want to see another case of John Carter syndrome befall this film, where seemingly every film journalist had declared John Carter the biggest flop of all time months before the damn film had even released. Can we please just judge a movie on it's own merit, not its production budget?

Also, @Robotaku, I'm desperately wanting a TRON 3.

Zack Mandell said...

Kind of sad when we just keep remaking all the same movies over and over. Even to the extent that we are no redoing movies in 3D just to get a few more bucks out of them. Makes me appreciate the what used to be done with movies.

Lord Slithor said...

*shrugs shoulders* Eh, whatever. The Lone Ranger was before my time and had pretty much outlived its heyday by the time even I was born. Westersn were already on the way out. And they were soon supplanted by the Space Opera when Star Wars came out. And now Superhero movies are the hot thing.

The problem is, Westerns in general are no longer the draw they once were; movies like the True Grit remake and Unforgiven notwithstanding. But if Verbinski can do for the Western with this movie that he did for Pirate movies with POTC, then I'm willing to take a "wait and see" attitude with this.

Besides, it can't be any worse than 1980's Legend of the Lone Ranger. That one did so terribly that practically no one remembers it.

Personally, I'd like to see a more Steampunk-inspired version of the Lone Ranger. There was an animated series produced in the 1960's that I remembered seeing in reruns as a kid that was pretty close to that concept. And it's an interpretation along those lines that I'd like to see in live action.

Chris Cesarano said...

Has there been a major pirate movie since Pirates of the Caribbean that people would be saying "If he can do for Westerns what he did for Pirate movies..."?

I actually had to restart the trailer since I wasn't paying attention. I saw Jerry Bruckheimer, thought "That could be good or bad", and then thought about how sad it is they didn't get that RIFTs movie off the ground and how we could use a good film based off of a tabletop RPG universe to do well and then get some other projects up and running.

Then I restarted the trailer and...I dunno. It looks like the sort of movie my sister would see, and I view her as the American shlockbuster crowd.

Jwillx70 said...

What was supposed to be so offensive to 50 something bar patrons?

Joe said...

I think this will be horrible for the reasons David Howard states, but I think it will be a huge success regardless.

Has Johnny Depp made an unsuccessful movie since the first Pirates? Even films I thought were bombs like The Tourist seem to have made their money back and then some. Unlike Taylor Kitsch and Garrett Hedlund, Depp has the star power to put butts in seats. He might be one of the few actors who still can. I'm not surprised Disney is willing to fork over the GDP of a small country for their continued association.

B.L.C. Agnew said...

Actually Bob, it won't be competing with Iron Man 3 - that film opens two full months before The Lone Ranger, and will likely be out of a lot of theaters by then after banking its $300+ million. This movie's biggest competition likely comes a couple weeks later, when Pacific Rim hits on WB's late-July spot.

As for the trailer, it looks pretty balls, but then this project has seemed wrong-headed for a long time. Honestly, how do you drop over $200 million on a freakin' western?

Anonymous said...

Hmm. A special-effects heavy, ill-advised, genre-oriented Summer blockbuster where the main character plays second-fiddle to a bizarrely-dressed, overacting, overexposed star? And Barry Pepper is in it? Man, poor guy must be having deja vu.

David Daut said...

Another thought. While Jack Sparrow was definitely a major character in the first three pirates films he wasn't *the* main character. In all actuality Will (Orlando Bloom) did the majority of the heavy lifting in terms of character development and leading the audience through the adventure.

In a slightly less relevant example, RDJ got most of the screen time in the trailers for The Avengers, but in the actual film his role was balanced out with the rest of the cast.

Johnny Depp is obviously the biggest selling point of this movie and so it would be disingenuous if the advertising didn't milk him for all he's worth, however I have a feeling that in the film Armie Hammer will be doing most of the main character heavy lifting freeing up Tonto to his schtick unburdened by the requirements needed of the "hero" character.

Anonymous said...

I thought Alice in Wonderland, Pirates 4 and John Carter were all pretty good, so I'm willing to give this the benefit of the doubt. The only thing I'm not liking about the trailer (talking strictly about the visuals, since I don't have my headphones with me) is Johnny Depp's look as Tonto. He's wearing a crow on his head AND he looks like the Crow. Heh... yeah, I'm no foe of silliness, but that's pretty hard to swallow.

Daniel R said...

@David Daut

You've got a point in that Will Turner was definitely the main character of the first three films, thats wat made them work. Pirates 4 tried to give Johnny the lead role and look how that turned out and supposedly, Depp already confirmed Tonto is basically the main focus.

I'm pretty sure that Verbinski can deliver on the effects work and the action, but the rumblings I hear about the script don't have me excited for anything else.

I've got a bad feeling about this kemosabe.

Aiddon said...

dear god I'm getting sick of Depp's quirky character shtick. Call me when he feels like being respectable again

Anonymous said...

That titlescreen...You can't call it "The Lone Ranger" and feature Tonto as the main character. Even if he's not you know he is.

That clip at the end with Depp under the train made me laugh, though.

monica said...

I have to admit, I thought it looked good. I guess I dig that whole epic Western feel, because admittedly aesthetically it looks pretty gorgeous. It just looks like a fun movie is all. And as Johnny Depp can attest to, it can't be all bad. Sure he's had stinkers "Alice", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" "Dark Shadows" and such, but he's always been an actor who looks like he's putting his all into something, and who knows what he'll bring to this, it may very well be awesome. Verbinski made Pirates fun again, maybe he can do the same with Cowboys. :)