Sunday, October 07, 2012

Will MS. MARVEL Join "The Avengers?"

Probably, yeah. Though not necessarily because of THIS or any other rumors about to be referenced - it's just kind of an easy call. If and when Carol Danvers eventually turns up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it'll be the least surprising "surprise" for fans since Captain America turning up in the present day.

Marvel, on the comics side, has had a decade-long obsession (coupled with very successful execution) with turning Danvers, aka "Ms. Marvel," into one of it's A-list heroes ever since someone figured out that she could easily be their answer to Wonder Woman (re: highly-marketed Strong Female Hero) sans all that problematic "Love-Powered Animated Clay-Doll From The Island of Immortal Lesbian Warriors" baggage.

She's been a big part of most recent Avengers iterations, features in most crossovers and was most-recently promoted to "Captain Marvel" (short version: She started out as the surprisingly more-popular distaff-counterpart to the original MALE Captain Marvel. Long version HERE and then HERE) Also, the Avengers DO kind of have a diversity problem and, let's face it, action-heroine, Joss Whedon movie, etc. So yeah... when/if she turns up in the movies the only thing less shocking will be the chorus of dissapointed sighs when/if Marvel decides her costume needs to be another teardown/rebuild job a'la Hawkeye.

That said, I'm not necessarily inclined to fully dismiss this particular rumor because it makes sense given a lot of what's already known about the now-unfolding buildup to "Avengers 2."

Here's the thing: Ms. Marvel's setup is a touch on the complicated side (given how Marvel Films has operated up to this point, one has to assume keeping her backstory and "arc" close to the basic source is a priority.) There've been some retcons as to how "important" she is pre-powers, but the general idea is always that she starts out as a military and/or government agent who gets powers similar to Captain Marvel after being caught in an explosion during one of his battles.

Going by the way Marvel Films has operated up to this point, it's a safe bet that she'd probably get introduced "normal" in one of the next pre-"Avengers 2" movies... Or maybe more than one: it'd make perfect sense to make her a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and they are in need of a new movie-to-movie connector character i.e. Coulson. If "Agent Carol Danvers" were to turn up for an introduction in one movie, then get zapped full of cosmic space-powers in a subsequent movie (like, oh... "Guardians of The Galaxy," the cosmic space-power focused movie already positioned as the direct lead-in to "Avengers 2," perhaps?) she'd be all primed and ready to turn up in "Avengers 2" as the "newcomer team-dynamic shakeup character."

Here's the other thing: The story that started the rumor said they were looking specifically at British actresses, one of whom is Emily Blunt (originally cast as Black Widow before she had to bail and Johansson got the job, so theres history with the producers) who was also mentioned as being in the running for another Marvel role - the as-yet unnamed female lead in "Captain America 2." Most people have been assuming that role would be Sharon Carter, daughter (granddaughter?) of Peggy from the first movie, but it could just as easily be Carol Danvers.


Joshua the Anarchist said...

I'm all for Ms. Marvel, but personally my first and only choice for first female movie Avenger is my beloved She-Hulk.

Anonymous said...

Bleh, dislike both of these actresses. Casting them in the role of the first super-powered female lead is just a mistake imo.

Ms. Marvel is going to be extremely hard to pull off correctly (Same problems with Thor come up, how do you make her super powerful, without being so powerful no threat challenges her?)

Adding two actresses who really aren't all that impressive or domineering is just going to make it that much harder.

Guess it's better than the alternative.. Casting Angelina Jolie as Carol Danvers.

Unknown said...

neato. i want her black outfit cuz the mask is cool

R said...

Ms Marvel SHOULD join the Avengers...just not before Wasp. Wasp is one of the 6 founding/core members after all, so she and Pym need to get in the team ASAP. But with Ant-Man coming out that's pretty much dead certain.

Let Ms Marvel get her own movie first too. Unlimited potential in that.

Cyrus said...

The Wasp and Ms. Marvel in Avengers 2 would really make my day. And really, who else is there? The Scarlet Witch is likely under lock and seal at Fox, along with all the other mutants and She-Hulk and Spider-Woman are/sound like odd off-shots of other, more popular heroes.

While the spin-off thing applies to Ms. Marvel as well, she's arguably outgrown Mar-Vell in popularity and I really wouldn't mind if Carol gets her powers in a way that doesen't involve the Kree. Bob already suggested the right movie for this to happen.

Anonymous said...

I think she could also be introduced in Avengers with powers already and simply have flashbacks to getting them during the alien invasion in Avengers 1?

David (The Pants) said...

That's a cool idea Anonymous above me.

I feel like she'd be the first (probably not because of Ant-Man) superhero in this movieverse to get powers in a really "superhero" way. I.E. EXPLOSIONS and now I can FLY!!

Sure, Hulk essentially fits that, and Captain America does too, but those are fairly scientific, although Cap's is moreso.

But we're starting to get to the point where they're adding supes with powers that are REALLY fictionalish. This will be interesting to pull off, as Stark's character is pretty much the most grounded in reality. (I like how they sort of touch on this during The Avengers' third act)

Anonymous said...

@ Joshua the Anarchist: I could not agree more. The film need She-Hulk. Not only is she awesome and ripped (they should actually cast a muscular women to play her--Haywire?), but there is comedy gold in adding her to the team. Iron Man hitting on his best bro's not-sister and Banner being very, very uncomfortable with it, whilst She-Hulk is just bother by the whole thing, will be hilarious...

PS Thank you for existing. Your Batman and Robin review is a godsend.

Shoumik Hassin said...

It could also be a good idea to make her part of the SHIELD series. There could be a two-part Ms. Marvel episode where she gets introduced pre-powers. That way you get a direct link between the TV show and Avengers.

It's probably for the best to introduce her powers in Guardians/Avengers 2 in case a large part of the audience might not watch the SHIELD show.

The Saarai'ari said...

Would like the idea of Ms Marvel showing up. Would be interesting to have her show up as a Coulson replacement for SHIELD in one or two of the Marvel films before Avengers 2 and either have her gain powers in it or in one of the films before it. Of the two actresses in the running for the part, I guess Emily Blunt would be ok. The IGN article she might play Sharon Carter, but I'd rather want Hayley Atwell to return and play as both her and perhaps an elderly Peggy. Be nice in Captain America 2 if he takes her up on that dance he promised her, even if he says he's still got two left feet.

As for She-Hulk as some here have been asking for, I wouldn't mind her showing up either, but I think she shouldn't show up until the next Hulk film. Wouldn't be right for her to debut in another Marvel film and not a Hulk 2 movie.

As for Wasp appearing, seeing as Ant Man is in the works, it's a given she'll appear. Just for pete's sake Marvel films, don't have Hank slap her at all.

Anonymous said...

Uh I don't think Wonder Woman having a pretty unique and interesting background is baggage. And just generalizing that Paradise island as just an Island with lesbian warriors is just a tad, no immensely silly.

I'm sorry that you don't like Wonder Woman, but she was the first female superhero, who paved the way for characters like Ms. Marvel. And again Wonder Woman's whole background is what makes her awesome in the first place. And it still angers me that she doesn't have a movie of her own. Sure she gets a crappy second attempt at another tv show. But Ms. Marvel gets a movie, but not Wonder Woman, even though she came first! Ugh!
Sorry DC fangirl meltdown...:/

Mike Tuffley said...

@Cyrus, that is actually not true. Both Marvel and Fox have specific permission to use Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver any way they want, as long as Marvel never mentions mutants, and Fox never mentions the Avengers.

MovieBob said...

@Anonymous 12:25

I'm actually a WW fan myself, and I share your frustrations. Seriously, see:

I wasn't speaking of MY problems with the character, but of what movie producers (and her own publisher) have generally thought of as "problems" with her viability - i.e. DC/WB taking every opportunity to make her LESS interesting with every passing reboot.

JPArbiter said...

I think that Marvel Studios missed a real oppourtunity in "Item 67" by not naming the two young bank robbers Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne. it could have been a real subversive way to introduce those characters.

Sam Robards, Comic Fan said...

Carol Danvers is pretty much a lock for Avengers 2, especially with Whedon at the helm.

As for Hawkeye's costume, while I like his classic costume, he doesn't use it anymore. This is what he's been using for the last year or so.

As for Wonder Woman, her book is currently my favorite out of the New52 experiment. Green Lantern's right behind it, but it's taken a bit of a hit recently.

Jwillx70 said...

So is it a certainty that Hayley Atwell will not make the transition from Peggy to Sharon Carter? 'Cause I was really hoping they'd keep her around.

Anonymous said...

Response to MovieBob,

Yeah I guess I didn't read that beginning part clearly, and I hadn't watched your retrospective on Wonder Woman yet, and yeah I jumped the gun. Sorry. :)

I just hope if they ever do make a Wonder Woman movie, they do it like The Superman Movie and cast a fresh face who actually looks like Wonder Woman, i.e. black hair, blue eyes, that looks like she can hold her own in a fight, you know be convincing. Right now they're considering Gina Carano from Soderbergh's Haywire. A good choice, but I think she would do better as She-Hulk than Wondy.

Anonymous said...

I hope they do use Captain Marvel, in her current uniform (which is practically tailor-made for live action so they have no excuse for not using it). I was bummed when I learned she wouldn't get her own film at least in Phase 2 so I will settle for her making an appearance in one or two of the films leading up to Avengers 2 (along with Wasp in the Ant-Man movie?) Marvel has been trying to make her an A lister despite some obstacles (including Brian Bendis, who for some reason doesn't like her and wants his precious Spider-Woman to be Marvel's premier superheroine instead) and I think this is a good opportunity.

And her current series by Deconnick is awesome.