Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big Picture: "That's No Moon"

Disney, Star Wars, and so on...


The Mason said...

How IS Mars? Is it as inhospitable as they say?

Phil said...

I only managed to watch last week's Big Picture episode just now and saw what had to have been Bob's worst episode ever. That's because Bob misrepresented the opposing side's argument. I don't like to make posts that aren't relevant to the topic but I am going to make an exception here since not only did Bob decide to be disingenuous last week but no one is going to be reading the posts on that page anymore and I cannot allow Bob's deception go unanswered. Besides, it's not that irrelevant since it still is about the Big Picture episodes.

For those that commented on that episode's page that he proved "how correct he is over" me, consider yourselves the peanut gallery. Those that actually read my comments on the Cloud Atlas page would've seen that all the points Bob made in his Skin Deeper episode were already addressed by me in my first response at his Cloud Atlas review post before Bob even responded on that page. When Bob replied on the Cloud Atlas page I responded by pointing out that I already addressed his points.

So what does he do?

Instead of responding to me he went and created a new Big Picture episode to misrepresent the arguments used against Cloud Atlas and purposely ignore the fact that they were already addressed before he even replied at all.

It can be followed here:

My first post on Cloud Atlas: http://moviebob.blogspot.com/2012/10/escape-to-movies-cloud-atlas.html?showComment=1351282902365#c7719358814271236754

Bob's reply: http://moviebob.blogspot.com/2012/10/escape-to-movies-cloud-atlas.html?showComment=1351312379178#c3176099490445334137

My reply where I point out to Bob I already addressed those points he made: http://moviebob.blogspot.com/2012/10/escape-to-movies-cloud-atlas.html?showComment=1351314631771#c1187092446629829354

Bob has shown repeatedly that he is out of whack on race issues not to mention hypocritical. He's quick to call others racist but if it ever comes to putting his own white privilege on the line then you won't hear a peep out of Bob.

Bob was told about the Argo issue months before the movie came out. He claimed he was against the fact that no Latino American actors were even considered to play real life Latino American Tony Mendez but when it came time for his review Bob never mentioned this at all.

Remember all that talk about context Bob made in Skin Deeper? How about that the only time Bob mentions the Argo issue is in the context of an episode when Bob is misinforming people about the arguments used against how Cloud Atlas decided to tell its story on the topic of race? He even goes on to say that there isn't much noise about Argo almost as if he was trying to downplay the matter. Later in the episode he even says that the movie "21" was a box office dud. Really, Bob? You might have wanted to check on those numbers before you were in such a hurry to downplay race issues in Hollywood. And even if it was a box office dud, which it was not, what relevance does that have with the issue of whitewashing nonwhite roles in Hollywood movies?

Let's weigh this:

Bob recommended movies whose nonwhite lead roles were whitewashed in movies like The Last Airbender and Argo that not only denied nonwhites in Hollywood opportunities but also continue to make the public believe that nonwhites don't matter as much as whites.

And Bob has heavily discouraged people from seeing movies like Green Lantern and The Amazing Spider-Man simply because they didn't live up to his standards of geek fantasy.

Which kind of movies do you think is ultimately worse in the big picture (pun intended)?

I don't care about what Bob chooses to concentrate his work on. What I have a problem with is when he talks about race issues it's as if he gets it. It would be one thing if he was mistaken yet was open minded to stand corrected but he isn't. He is not willing to put his white privilege on the line which is why he is hypocritical and even deceptive like he proved last week.

TheDVDGrouch said...

Personally I'm more worried about the future of the Darkhorse Comics & the Bioware games. I don't see why Disney wouldn't want to take their new toys and keep them in house.

Also whats gonna happen to all the cool fan films people have been making for years? Is Disney going to crack down on those now?

Chapman said...

You always manage to say it so articulately. Slightly jealous. -Long time lurker

Banderbear91 said...

The Dark Horse comics will go the same way that the Boom! Studios Muppets comics went. I think what Dark Horse needs to do now is really focus on getting more good creator driven titles in the vein of Hellboy rather than sinking more time and effort into licensed franchises that could be pulled out from under them at the drop of a hat.

However, I suspect that the Bioware games won't be affected too negatively by this, I think if anything was going to kill those it's the fact that TOR kind of bombed.

As far as Disney buying Lucasfilm on the whole I'm optimistic so long as Disney get rid of the Expanded Universe twaddle. Plus this now means Labyrinth and Grim Fandango are owned by Disney which can only be a good thing.

Will said...

What Disney really wants to do is erase all traces of Howard the Duck.

Sanunes said...

I am not sure when we might see a non-special edition in stores for doesn't 20th Century Fox own the rights for the existing movies until 2020?

As far as BioWare the worst that it will mean is that Walt Disney will take The Old Republic to another company, but that would be a further disaster to a game that did okay, but didn't live up to expectations. If another company does take control of The Old Republic all it means is the game is going to be shut down quickly and there won't be a Star Wars MMO, for I don't think any company is willing to take a major financial risk like that again on a Star Wars MMO, for I think the genre itself has proven itself to be a very large and risky investment.

Anonymous said...

Soo... Disney owns Star Wars now.
Here's a preview of what we have to look forward to (or not look forward to) in the new movies.

1. No protagonist will ever be seen holding a blaster rifle again.

2. Nobody will ever be fatally shot ever again.

3. Nobody will be dismembered by a lightsaber ever again.

4. Remember how the Sith would always be displayed as being immoral by doing things like using a Force Choke, interrogator / torture droids, and let's not forget killing the padawans. Never again.

5. We can look forward to most of the enemies being some kind of robot, so it would be okay to destroy them.

Banderbear91 said...

@Anon 5:16
Right, because nobody shot or killed anybody in The Avengers and Loki wasn't at all immoral what with the whole removing someone's eye and brainwashing people.

Outside of The Avengers there's plenty of that kind of stuff in other Disney movies, look at all the stabbing in John Carter and the various stabbings and shootings that went on in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Even Tron 2 had people being killed.

Lee Kalba said...

Considering none of that has happened to Marvel, I wouldn't be too worried about it. Disney has a long history of making more mature (pg-13 even R rated) material, just releasing it under a different name. Touchstone was owned by Disney, Mirimax was too. If they start calling it "Disney's Star Wars" I'd worry, but until then, I think they'll try to keep the PG tone of the other 5 installments (Revenge of the Sith got a PG-13 essentially for the lava pit scene).

Anonymous said...

Since Lord of the Rings? SINCE LORD OF THE RINGS!!?!?

That's it. I've fucking lost my mind. I'm not even THAT big a fan of the LORT films (except the third, I fucking love that one) and I know how massive and ambitious that was.

But The Avengers?!? The "OMG We somehow managed to convince actors to keep their schedules open together to shoot a film with the same plot as Transformers and offer little to no surprises and some pretty weak dialogue in a pretty weak first hour." is as ambitious as LOTR?!?

Marvel Fanboys have waaaay blown out of proportion what was a great popcorn blockbuster and turned it into the best thing to happen since celluloid.

Fanboys...please watch more movies!

John Armstrong said...

@The Mason: well, it ain't no place to raise your kids.

Daniel said...


Here are actual quotes from Bob's Last Airbender review:

"by no means a mostly successful film" (grammar is a little awkward, but this means it was mostly a failure)

"A great big mess" (pretty clear grammar here)

"ultimately a failure" (doesn't get more clear than this)

"looks great" (the only positive thing he had to say, but apparently it looked great enough to be worth a watch in his mind)

I'll grant you the Argo stuff (mainly because I haven't seen the film and don't know the backstory) but you need to stop pretending that Bob was the only critic in the world to like The Last Airbender.

Mention that he called the casting choices "interesting" and left it at that without ellaborating, but just because he didn't call for a boycott doesn't mean he truly "recommended" that movie. Change your language or find a better example

The Saarai'ari said...

Not much of a fan of the idea of two split timelines. I'd rather just have a trilogy that takes place after "Fate of the Jedi" book series, as the ages of Luke, Han, and Leia in it are closer to that of the real ages of their actors today from the original trilogy if they come back for the new one.

Anonymous said...

That's no moon...that's yo momma!

Anonymous said...

Ahem: FOX STILL OWNS THE ORIGINAL STAR WARS! So once again, I must point out that there will not be a release of the original trilogy...ever again. I already popped the link, I aint doing it again.

Anonymous said...


Did you seriously just point out Bob's blatant cop-out of TLA's racebending - the movie where that phrase was birthed - as a DEFENSE? I don't have a stake in this fight, but that particular point? Yeah, fuck you.

Also, if he says you should see the movie - which he did and which YOU pointed out that he did - that's a recommendation. That is literally the definition of the word.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

Can you ban Phil?