Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The New Playroom (Updated!)

UPDATE: Owing to an error on my part, a bunch of comments that should've gone through got dumped into moderation. Should be fixed now, learning curves and all that.

Assuming all the coding works out, this post and all others for the forseeable future will be running on a new commenting system called "Intense Debate," which I'm going to assume most web users are familiar with by now.

This decision was made because it allows for last-resort measures such as banning IPs, usernames and emails from trolls, spammers, threadjackers and other abusive behaviors while simultaneously giving readers more options to comment overall.

Anonymous comments are no longer enabled, but using Intense Debate you can log in under Twitter or OpenID (working on Facebook logins, seems to be an API Key issue currently) OR get a FREE IntenseDebate login ID at their homepage.