Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Depp Charge

I really want to still like Johnny Depp. Good actor (most of the time) and seems like a decent guy. I don't even mind that he's evidently decided to just keep riding the "offbeat actor being weird in bloated franchise epics"gravy train, really... just that he keeps doing such a terrible job of it. "Dark Shadows" didn't work, "Pirates 4" was godawful, "Lone Ranger" looks like a disaster, etc.

That said... if ever there was a symbol to summarize just how much Depp's career/image/persona has "turned around" in my eyes, singing up for another big, comfy Disney project that's basically a version of a vastly more interesting Terry Gilliam project he almost made back before "Pirates" made him the new It-Boy would do it. Yeesh! If you had to make a movie about Terry Gilliam's career, him standing in front of a theater advertising the premiere of THIS movie would be the final shot.