Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hey, Guys! The Good Version of Michael Bay is Back!!!

For those of you just joining us: It's become a fairly open secret that Michael Bay re-upped with the "Transformers" franchise for at least one more go-around despite openly despising it in order to get Paramount to throw it's weight behind a low-budget ($22 million - that's pennies in Bay and the studios' world) passion project called "Pain & Gain;" a fact-based, likely R-rated action/comedy with Mark Whalberg, Anthony Mackie and The Rock as a trio of dipshit roid-raging Miami bodybuilders who get in over their heads trying to double-cross a drug kingpin.

Now there's a trailer, and if you've been missing this Michael Bay (love it or loathe it, this specific genre/setting/tone is what he's better at than any other living filmmaker) as much as I have you'll want to have a look:

Pain & Gain Trailer from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.