Thursday, December 13, 2012

BOFCA Post-Movie Podcast (UPDATED!)

I unfortunately had to miss this big group sit-down of the Boston Online Film Critics Association with the Post-Movie Podcast, but fortunately for you there's a lot of funny people on here that you probably don't  hear from all the time. ENJOY!

UPDATE: I will happily report that I was one of the reasons (probably the primary reason, I'd wager, or one of them) that the film that came in at #11 got so close to coming in at #10 - the prospect of which some of the membership found so terrifying. Much as I would've liked to see it land there, I can't say that Sean isn't right: If that had made the list of a "big debut" for a critics association with "online" in it's name people would be jumping all over that (because in their minds it conforms to this or that stereotype) instead Jeff Wells innexplicably dubbing us "Beefalos."