Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Man of Steel" seriously wants you to know it's serious about being serious. Seriously.

Things are crazy busy here (and I plan to have more to say on this one soon enough in another context) so you'll forgive me if I don't have much in depth to say on the new Superman trailer beyond... yeah, here's the new Superman trailer:

Oh! And here's my final SuperGirl "Big Picture" episode, as well!

I'll say this much: I'm not precisely "elated" by any of this, but that's possibly because it's the first trailer for a property like this in awhile that doesn't feel like it's aimed DIRECTLY at "me" demographically and I appreciate that. The whole campaign up to this point has been designed to evoke a sense of "This looks interesting... what is thi.. oh! This is Superman?" in an audience, so it's been light on "holy shit!" moments and comic iconography. Me, I don't need to be "sold" on the idea that a new Superman movie is a good idea or that the character is "relevant" but apparently a lot of the public does and that's who this is aimed at.

One of my more widely-read contemporaries on Twitter (Devin Faraci, I want to say) negatively described the "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer as "chasing 'The Dark Knight' in a post-'Avengers' world," and I get some sense of that same undercurrent here (the presence of odious cinematic boogeyman Hand-Held and his partner Lens Flare doesn't help) but there's enough present in the margins for me to still hope we'll get something good out of this. "Dark Knight"-good? Probably not. "Avengers"-good? Impossible. But there's potential. Maybe.