Friday, January 11, 2013

"I'm not your monkey"

As a film journalist who also does time on the "intereview-but-really-just-promotion-for-the-movie-and-traffic-bumping-celebrity-cameo-for-you" dancefloor, I'm probably supposed to feel some sort of sympathy or kinship with Krishnan Guru-Murthy in this clip, but... no. Fuck no. It is fucking awesome watching Quentin rear up in (wholly justified) self-assurance and "Fuck you, you and this production only exist because of people like me, I'm the Film God doing you favor being here and that was the line!" (paraphrased, obviously) swagger when the "violence in movies" question comes up...

Obviously, you need to engage in discussions about things... up to a point. But much like climate change and evolution, that a direct causal link between violent media and real-world violence does not exist is fucking settled in the eyes of intelligent, reason-minded people (which, yes, excludes basically half the media) and people with a genuine understand/appreciation of film, art, culture etc. (which excludes the other half) and eventually you just has to say "Fuck it. The world is round, Intelligent Design/Creationism is horseshit, carbon emissions aren't good for us, 9-11 wasn't an inside job, the Holocaust actually happened, the President was born in the United States and violent movies and video games have never been and never will be responsible for a single solitary act of actual violence anywhere ever!," move the hell on and the leave the goddamn troglodytes to sniff their fingers and rot while the rest of us keep progressing forward.