Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Olympus Has Fallen"

For some reason we're getting two "Die Hard In The White House" movies this year, innevitably to be differentiated as "the one with the black president" and "the one with the white president." "Olympus Has Fallen," whose debut trailer showed up today, is the white president installment with Aaron Eckhart as POTUS, Gerard Butler as the lone Secret Service agent left in the danger zone and North(?) Korean Terrorists (seriously?) as the bad guys. Antoine Fuqua directs.

The "black president" version is "White House Down," which comes later this year courtesy Roland Emmerich with Channing Tatum as the Agent and Jamie Foxx as President Faux-Bama. That one is supposed to be more action/comedy flavored, with Foxx's character getting in on the heroics.