Wednesday, January 09, 2013

"Stuperior" Addendum

So, yesterday I ran a Big Picture episode about "Amazing Spider-Man #700" and the subsequent "Superior Spider-Man" relaunch...

SPOILERS FOR HERE ON: which I said that A.) I was digging at least the concept at play, i.e. that Peter Parker dies in ASM #700 with Doctor Octopus having taken over his body and intending to impersonate Spider-Man... but as a good guy because he'd also inherited Peter's memories/mind as well; and B.) That it was still not worth freaking out over since if it didn't work it'd stupid-easy for Marvel to just say "Hey, look! Peter's soul/consciousness/whatever isn't totally gone and is re-asserting itself!" to get him back into the "real" lead.

Well, turns out the FIRST ISSUE of "Superior" (out now) closes with the reveal that, suprise surprise, Peter Parker's "ghost" (does it really matter in what sense?) is "haunting" Ock-as-Spidey; curbing his darker impulses while also scheming to retake control of his body/mind/life. Instead of being the way they get "out" of the new status quo, this is the (temporary) status quo.

So, basically, this means that the whole "End of Amazing!"/"Launch of new series!" thing was a 90s-style "NEW #1!!!!" sales-stunt; and that ultimately "Superior" will wind up being a long-ish "That time I was a ghost and fought Doc Ock for control of my own body" miniseries of "Amazing," which will almost-certainly revert to it's original title/numbering on a "big" number (800?) and that whatever the title/numbeirng is at the time Peter will probably be "back" in time for the next movie.

...but you already knew that.