Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rob Zombie As The Soundtrack For A Disney Trailer. Rob Zombie. As The Soundtrack. For A DISNEY TRAILER.

"Cars" sucks. Yes, I think there's more than a little merit to the notion that "movie people" who usually fall right in line behind Pixar wrote the film off early on because it was "tainted" by connection to the Nascar culture (and wasn't interested in taking the piss out of the sport and - more specifically - it's fanbase like "Talladega Nights") ...but "Cars" still sucks all the same. "Cars 2" sucks a lot less, but only by virtue of dropping the first film's pretense toward Pixar-level meaningfulness and instead wallowing in the cheap slapstick and groaner car-puns that are it's true nature.

Either way, it's all academic because the "Cars" brand is a moneymaking machine for Disney's toy licensing department; so we're getting spinoffs. The first of these is "Planes" - still canonically-tied to the "Cars" universe* but actually being made by regular-ol' Disney Animation. The trailer slipped out a month ago, but is back in the news now that instant-has-been Dane Cook has joined the voice cast:

*I like to imagine that "Cars World" is either pre-historic Cybertron or an alternate-timeline sequel to "Wall*E" where it didn't work out for humanity and these are Wall*E and Eve's descendants.