Friday, March 01, 2013

"Those Who Fight" Trailer, (Briefly) Featuring Yours Truly...

I know firsthand that not everyone likes the way that certain slices of the "Internet Geek Criticism Community" have evolved from host-segments to full-on sketches to characters and continuity; and I'll be the first to concede that the roster of people really making it "work" isn't exactly massive. But there's an energy and vibrancy to the idea of it that I truly, sincerely dig. There are two important "movements" happening in the grassroots of Geek/Fandom Culture right now: The rise of new-gen criticism-as-performance-art that feels very much like the start of a YouTube/Blip-era equivalent to the rise of Cahiers du Cinema in the 60s and the homemade-indie film movement happening across much of the same space; and this is where the two come together. "Those Who Fight," which now has a trailer, seems to be part of this continued evolution.

I'm not actually privy to much of what "Those Who Fight" actually is, apart from that it's supposedly in the same vein (though not officially connected to) the various TGWTG "crossover" specials and anniversary movies, and that it's creators opted to add some scale to the production by shooting some scenes at the most recent MAGFest - scooping up whichever fellow web-personalities they could among the attendees for cameos, walk-ons, what-have-you.

Leo Thompson ("That Scifi Guy") and Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug feature prominently in the current trailer. I was only there for a quick bit of it (a big mass-brawl scene, you can see my bald-ish head bringing up the rear around 1:31 and 1:42) but I look forward to seeing how it comes together. For this sort of project, it seems fairly ambitious.