Friday, March 01, 2013

You're Getting a "Justice League" Movie After All... Kinda.

Folks who're still hoping to see the Justice League on the big screen are, at this juncture, pining their hopes on a pair of miracles: Firstly, that the quintessentially Oscar/Felix team-up of Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan yields a great film in "Man of Steel" (FWIW, people inside Warner Bros and various licensing-business sources have seen the film, and the current buzz is exceedingly positive - take that as you will) and that somehow Warner Bros then suddenly figures out how to also not screw-up new incarnations of Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc.

So... keep hoping, but don't keep expecting, basically.

Meanwhile, every WB department other than feature-films continues to make the "getting shit done" part of this look easy. To wit, someone got the bright idea to mix the fifty-something minutes of cutscene footage from "Lego Batman 2" with something like 15-20 minutes of new footage and release it on DVD as a movie. Well... better than nothing, right?