Thursday, April 11, 2013

Christopher Nolan Will NOT Produce "Justice League"

Here's the thing about the on-again/off-again rumors of Christopher Nolan producing the "Justice League" movie Warner Bros. wants to make if "Man of Steel" is a hit: Warner Bros. wants him to. Warner Bros. will ALWAYS want him to - if you were them, wouldn't you want to be able to stick "From The Producer of  'The Dark Knight'" on as many movies as possible? The question has never been "Does WB want Nolan for this?" but rather "Does Nolan want even more clout badly enough to keep spending time on a project/genre he expressly has no interest in if not outright contempt for?"

According to Entertainment Weekly, the answer now seems to be "no." Nolan already has a big scifi blockbuster called "Interstellar" in production, and WB head Jeff Robinov now tells the inexplicably still-viable movie magazine that not Nolan is not involved with "League" while officially confirming that "Man of Steel" will establish a universe where all manner of other DC characters can exist and may or may not be eluded to in the film itself. He also seems to confirm (lets all keep in mind that all of this contradicts the earliest reports that "Man of Steel" itself was to be a stand-alone film) that the Dark Knight Trilogy will not be part of this new continuity.

Okay. I like the sound of ALL of that. Lets see how this works out...