Monday, April 01, 2013

Huh. Forgot This Existed...

I actually really liked the first "Percy Jackson" movie. Yeah, it's a "Harry Potter" clone; but it's not like J.K. Rowling INVENTED the supernatural/schoolboy/hero's-journey hybrid genre and the film had a laid-back 1980s Amblin feel that worked for the most part. Also, I admire how doggedly it sticks to such a specific target audience of "schoolchildren really into Greek Mythology." (Premise: It's "Potter," but instead of a school for natural-born wizards it's a Summer Camp for the half-human offspring of still-existing Olympian Gods.)

The first one made money but wasn't a sizable hit and didn't seem to become a major "thing," so I'd kind of forgotten that they were going ahead with a sequel. But they did, and now MTV has a trailer:

Okay, looks pretty good. That last shot, at least, is exactly what I'm talking about when I say this series knows it's audience and more of the sort of thing that I got a kick out of in the first one: "Oh, I know what THAT'S supposed to be! COOL!"