Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yes, I Saw The Chris Roberts Video

Oh hey, look! Chris Roberts - onetime famous PC game designer turned moderately-successful movie producer turned space sim kickstarter-helmer - used a bit of THIS infamous Big Picture episode as part of a SXSW panel about the non-death of PC gaming (which feels a lot more like a very lengthy live-performance advertisement for his kickstarted space sim "Star Citizen," but whatever; business is business)! Nifty!

I mean, yeah, it's totally out of context and kinda makes it seem like I'm saying something completely opposite what I ultimately was in that episode, and it would've been nice to see some attribution since, y'know, I'm also in business here... BUT! exposure is exposure, and fun to see all the same even though - yes - I understand that he likely intends it's presence to be representative of all the ::ironic quotes:: "EXPERTS!!!" he intends to show who's the boss. Them's the breaks.

And now, for context, the original episode in-full: