Thursday, May 09, 2013

Better Living Through Chemistry

I don't generally get professionally jealous of other people in my industry, but seeing James "AVGN" Rolfe getting to work with Troma founder and "Toxic Avenger" creator Lloyd Kaufman recently got me close - damn, that must have been awesome. But then, James has worked his ass off building his brand and more-or-less inventing a big slice of web video business - if anyone deserves to have things finally start paying off big-time, he does.

In any case, Kaufman is still doing his thing as a vanguard of authentic, no-bullshit independent moviemaking. He and Troma's latest offering, a reboot(?) of "Class of Nukem High" (one of their better 80s offerings, about a High School whose student body is mutated by a leak at the nearby nuclear power plant) officially titled "Return to The Class of Nukem High" has had a teaser up for a bit now promoting the film's scheduled premiere at Cannes 2013 - ULTRA NSFW, but check it out if you haven't already: