Monday, May 13, 2013

Close The Blast Doors

There's been fan-scripts and fans-becoming-writers, but this might be the first time in history that a TV series has opted to create a spin-off series and a theatrical movie... effectively based on it's own fan-art.

"Equestria Girls" is a spin-off movie (and apparently also a series pilot) from the rebooted surprise crossover-hit "My Little Pony" cartoon; built on the conceit of the main character dimension-jumping into the human world; where she and the other recurring characters appear as human versions of themselves. If we're going to start building movies around Deviant Art trends, I'll just assume that some other franchise will take "____ If They Were Mega Man Sprites" and "_____ But Everyone Is A Dog."

Not really my thing either way, but I'm familiar enough with both the harmless and decidedly-less-pleasant fringes of "Brony" culture to comfortably predict that this will probably do surprising boxoffice... and that if any of the main character winds up with a boyfriend he's going to be the most frighteningly-hated cartoon love-interest since that guy from the later seasons of "Daria" in certain unfortunate circles of the web.