Wednesday, May 08, 2013

UPDATED: First Images of Megan Fox as April O'Neil in "TMNT"

Hey, Internet? You want borderline-obsessive, Zapruder-esque coverage of a likely-middling movie based on a bunch of toys from the mid-1980s!? Of course you do. Here's the first BTS video of the Michael Bay produced "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie, featuring our first glimpse of Megan Fox as April. Does this meaningless, masturbatory entertainment "journalism" puff-piece tell us anything useful about the movie?

(with apologies for the wonky formatting caused by aol's shitty video embed)

UPDATE: CBM has some higher-quality set pics: Hair has some red highlights (seriously, though - this is the weakest detail to flip out over) and she does indeed have a yellow coat. So... yeah.

1.) She's not a redhead. Everybody lose your shit now.

 2.) No yellow jumpsuit. Not terribly surprising, but interestingly enough the outfit she is wearing in this clip is just a skirt away from the (in)famous "Ravishing Reporter" action figure. Coincidence or fanservice? You decide.

 3.) She's a reporter, which means they really did change that script. The "leaked" screenplay that infuriated fans last year was also allegedly so hated by the producers that it helped scuttle the first incarnation of the project entirely; and reports were that it was either extensively rewritten or even thrown out entirely. In that version, April was primarily onhand as Casey Jones girlfriend, a small-town girl who claims to be on her way to journalism stardom in New York but is revealed to actually have only managed to finagle a job as an intern/gopher. In this video she's clearly playing a TV news reporter (note the microphone) doing some sort of human-interest piece that involves a trampoline. CONJECTURE: New April's arc will be "reporter sick of doing cheezy daytime-news filler, stumbles on Turtles etc. while chasing out-there scoops for legitimacy."

 4.) She may or may not work for Channel 6. The resolution on the video is iffy, but if a few shots the logo on her microphone looks a bit like a "6." That doesn't actually mean anything, other than to indicate that the production may have doubled-down on fanservice for whatever reason.