Monday, May 06, 2013

Uwe Boll's "Assault On Wall Street"

Holy. Shit.

German filmmaker Uwe Boll made himself (in)famous via adaptations of video-games so bad they seemed deliberately provocative, then he took that fame and that provocateur attitude and used to it to transform himself into true dyed-in-the-wool modern exploitation filmmaker - i.e. he makes fast, cheap, nasty movies exploiting incendiary newsworthy subject matter to get the audience's attention (this actually seems to be his "real" passion - his actual debut feature was about a school-shooting.)

The kick in the pants, though, is that his non-game exploitation movies are actually pretty damn solid work... for the most part. I know plenty of people who find them in horrifically bad taste, and some of them are... but I just can't deny that they work. "Rampage," in particular, which is a moment-by-moment account of a mass-murderer's commando-style shooting spree in a small town, is seriously chilling stuff made even moreso by really, really good direction.

His newest, "Assault on Wall Street," appears to be a kind of successor - "Falling Down" for the Investment Age: Dominic Purcell stars as an ordinary man who snaps after his life savings vanish during the recent economic meltdown and opts to wage a one-man war on the Wall Street investment bankers he holds responsible. Knowing Boll, the final film will likely strike a perfunctory "right-bad-guys/wrong-actions" tone... but the trailer is essentially selling straight-up "fuck those fat cats!!!" revenge-fantasy. There's an argument to be made that that's pretty reprehensible, maybe even straight-up irresponsible. But this is the kind of aggressively-nasty stuff that true "exploitation filmmaking" was always made of, and I'm perversely fascinated to see how it plays today.

Below: The film's official trailer, and a new Red Band clip dropped by Latino Review depicting a sniper sequence (and demonstrating that, yes, Boll's action-chops for gunplay are the real-deal for those who didn't see "Rampage.") I get the sense this will NOT be the last we hear of this one...

Exclusive Red Band Clip | Assault On Wall Street by latinoreview