Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Hills Are Alive

That "Lifetime" is allowed to still go around billing itself as "Television For Women" when it's output is almost-exclusively Hallmark treacle, reality TV flotsam and tabloid sleaze is something that someone should really organize a march against. Until then, let's all "enjoy" this trailer for their next big celebrity biopic, "The Anna Nicole Story;" with Agnes Bruckner in the title role and a torch-song version of "Fame" lilting over the soundtrack.

Wow. Do you have any idea how bad a movie has to be to look like it's not going to do "justice" to the life-story of Anna Nicole Smith?

I think my favorite part is her kid standing there crestfallen when he accidentally sees Anna dry-humping a ladyfriend in an elevator. Yeah, I'm sure that was the most horrifying thing that went down in his upbringing. Depressingly, the director on this was Mary Harron; the once-promising helmer of "American Psycho."