Sunday, June 02, 2013

Yikes, Bikes!

When the Wall Street Journal - one of America's worst non-mimeographed and/or locally Church-published newspapers - isn't running obnoxious, stiflingly-ignorant clickbait pieces "taking down" film criticism (oh, I'll get to that one, be patient;) it's apparently giving platforms to the shambling, somehow still-animated Old Money ghouls of New York Past. Because someone has to.

One of these frightening yet pathetic creatures, Dorothy Rabinowitz, has taken some time from what one must assume is a strict regimen of draining life-sustaining essence via eye-contact with unlucky errant Central Park dogs to offer a hilariously tone-deaf (in the "do these people HEAR themselves!?") screed against NYC's new Bike Sharing installations.Whatever she was hoping to accomplish here, it's effect on me is sudden desperate hope for a sequel to "Premium Rush" with somebody fun (is Mary Woronov still working?) as an extra-villainous version of this lady.