Monday, July 29, 2013

Disney and The Weinsteins Set "ARTEMIS FOWL" Production

This is being reported as a HUGE FUCKING DEAL in the industry because Harvey Weinstein and Disney are speaking again, except all the people at Disney who Harvey was initially at odds with kinda got washed-away post-"John Carter" so it's not really that impressive. Also, it's still just business: Disney finally wants to make a movie based on what has to be the last yet-unfilmmed Harry Potter coattail-rider franchise - which is published by one of their subsidiaries - but Harvey bought the movie rights to it years ago and has been sitting on them.

In any case, "Artemis Fowl" (basic pitch: What if Bruce Wayne was Harry Potter and also sort-of a villain?) will no go into pre-production, to be released to the clenched consternation of it's fans and the complete and utter ambivalence of everyone else probably sometime in 2015; with depressing tabloid headlines involving whatever poor child actor donates his body to the title role to follow a few years down the road.