Tuesday, October 01, 2013

WONDER WOMAN Fan Trailer Does It Right

Fun Fact: In the actual movie business, shorts like this (re: semi-narrative 'demo-reels' for treatments of an existing property) get produced all the time as a way for a filmmaker to pitch their project (or why they'd be good for a specific project.) It's called "Proof Of Concept."

This isn't that - this is a "Proof We Can Do Big FX/Action On a Budget" from Rainfall Films (that's Rileah Vanderbilt, wife of "Frozen" and "Hatchet" helmer Adam Green as Diana). But if it were... I can certainly imagine WORSE ways to try and get Warner Bros. to pull the trigger on this franchise. "Girl Thor by way of '300" might be a bit on the literal side - or maybe "make it look like how Zack Snyder might do it..." was the goal - and it feels one dramatic can-opening away from being a Mountain Dew SuperBowl ad, granted; but if I'm Warner Bros. this is a movie I'd want on my schedule.