Friday, April 25, 2014

DRAGON DAY Trailer: "The Asians are coming! The Asians are coming!!!"

Wow. How'd we miss this one?

I get that there are folks who thought the Mandarin twist in IRON MAN 3 didn't work logically, didn't see the humor in it or just would've preferred to see the magic alien rings stuff play out closer to the source. I get that. What I'll never get are the people who can't grasp why a comics-perfect translation of a character whose entire shtick is "MYAH HA HA! I AM THE FACE OF EXOTIC AND EEEEEEEEEEVIL CHINA!!!!!" just doesn't fly anymore in a mainstream movie.

But, if xenophobic paranoia about those scaaaaaary Asians taking over America is your bag? Don't worry, cameras are now cheap enough for hack propagandists to get your back. Below, the trailer for DRAGON DAYS (which somehow escaped my notice to this point) a literal, honest to goodness, no-bullshit Yellow Peril movie somehow coming out in the 21st century. Wow...