Friday, April 09, 2010

Escape to the Movies: "Avengers: Assemble"

Different kinda fun this week: In lieu of reviewing something, a rundown of the various "crossover" clues running through Marvel's "Avengers"-related movies thus far:

"Intermission" is related as well:


Arty O said...

Hey Bob you where totally right about daddy Stark. Check this out:

Dav3 said...

Reality is for people with no imagination.

Not ONE of my favorite movies has anything to do with reality.

Well, maybe Lawrence of Arabia, but to a young man in 21st New Jersey, WW1 arabia is quite definitely a fantasy land.

Smashmatt202 said...

BTW, I showed this video to an INCREDIBLY die-hard comic fan of mine, and he was annoyed that you "didn't do the research" and that you're "not a die-hard comic fan". Here was some of his reasoning:

[quote]When did he mention the ultimate universe? That's such a major factor with this Iron man Movie. ULTIMATE nick fury. VERY DIFFERENT from Nick Fury.

I'm not offended by the way. I was just saying. I'll give him this tho.

-The ultimate comics lines were actually a marketing scheme by marvel to get new younger readers getting their comics. so i'm sure he's aware of the line but he might now read them. I Don't even read them (except ultimate spider-man when bendis was writing it) but even that wasn't that great. But still, he should be aware that Ultimate Nick Fury. GENERAL Nick Fury recruits members for the Ultimates. COLONEL Nick Fury is Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. until Civil war which really changed everything, then secret reign in which Norman Osborne had taken over, as a result of Tony Stark completely screwing up and becoming a wanted criminal. I"M JUST SAYIN

I love the books and I want people to see these stories that a lot of writers and artists put a lot of hard work into. So I hope that maybe they'll use those works for the movies. I think people would really enjoy it. Sadly movies never translate well...

I really think people will never bother with the comics and its sad cause some of the stories are really remarkable :(

But Watchmen helped a lot of people start picking up the TPB's so thats good i guess :)

FYI = He didn't talk about it but this upcoming IRON MAN 2 movie is based off the arch "Demon in a Bottle" which came out in the 70's and which we see Tony Stark getting a drinking problem. So if any of you are curious to know thats the book. In all honestly its not the best comic, and its not worth the $25 hardcover but I just thought I'd say what book this movie could loosely be based off :)

*when I say "secret reign" its me combining the two events Secret invasion and dark reign since they were basically the same event. Both sucked anyway... [/quote]

MovieBob said...
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MovieBob said...

Here's the thing i.e. Ultimates: I have to get everything I say in these in under six minutes, usually less. Explaining the difference between Marvel and Ultimate Marvel was something I calculated wasn't 100% necessary to the main "arc" of this thing, so it had to go for time at the script phase along with bits about Bucky Barnes, Edgar Wright's still-slated Ant Man movie, the Mandarin hints in Iron Man and potential Avengers bad guys.

Smashmatt202 said...

It's alright, I understand. Sometimes I get into a real mess with my friends, defending your opinions, because I just have a whole lot of respect for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bob, I'm not sure you know, but, there was a French promo for Iron Man, and one of the background people shown was later revealed by...someone (?) to be Thor (or Don Blake). In the Monaco scene, Tony and a french guy are walk-and-talking in a facility, and Blake is seen in the background being searched by some military types.

Fandango said...

You know, the one question I'm asking myself is if this Captain America movie will be better or worse than Pumaman.

Unknown said...

Just recently gotten into your reviews @ the Escapist and quite enjoy your style & opinions.

No doubt you
a) Get TONS of movie-to-review recommendations and
b) Don't have complete control over your choice of movie to review

Nevertheless I'm going to throw "Lesbian Vampire Killers" into the "review it if you can, watch it even if you can't" pile- that movie deserves a little coverage!
Trust me- you'll love it ;)

NINJAMAN87 said...

Please, lets just hope they don't screw this up.

LK said...

It does have it's place. If I'm watching a small, character-driven story, I don't want fantasy elements popping up. Unless that's the point.
But if you go too far out, you end up with this recent season of CSI, which has been plagued by stupidity and a complete misunderstanding of science.
Dealing with the incredible is a fine line; it needs to be grounded enough in reality to be believable.
Though, I think Dr. Who has a lot of good examples of the Arthur C Clarke rule about technology. And the two Dirk Gently books, taken together, are a good example of bouncing from super-advanced technology (the first book basically featured a TARDIS) and mythology and magic (the second book is about Thor and Odin) co-existing in the same universe. Oh, and I forgot about the ghost, in the first Dirk Gently book - you have an advanced, alien AI machine and a ghost running around, in the same story.

Roy42 said...

Hey Bob,

Hoping you read this; your comment about Tony Starks' dad being alive in WWII is correct. Late in the first Iron Man, when Tony is paralysed, Obadiah mentions that Howard Stark helped build the atomic bomb; earlier as well, Tony talks about how his father helped fight the Nazis. Plus, there's the whole thing about Captain America's shield being in the movie just to cement the guess.

So Howard was definitely alive and actively doing stuff in WWII; I would have speculated on whether or not he could have been involved in CA in some way, but with his shield in there, it doesn't seem like that's much of a 'what if' anymore.

In any case, I certainly agree on the 'realism' stance — just a shame that while it's 'insane…ly awesome' in movies, it's 'insane and gay' for videogames to shy away from realism — and share your hope in The Avengers destroying the term 'genre defying'.

By the way, if you do like such mashups, how did Army of Darkness go over with you? Bah, you're right; stupid question. It's impossible to dislike that movie.



Tom Shapira said...

We already had a sorta 'fantasy kitchen sink' crossover from comic move in Hellboy.
Think about it: You have a demon from hell, Pyrokinetic Mutant, A polite version of the Gill Monster and Men in Black rejects fighting the mad monk Rasputin and his Steam Punk-Ninja-Nazi-Sidekick who serve Cathuluesq Elder Gods. Second Movie takes us well into post-Lord of the Rings territory.
So Audiences have shown willingness to accept such myths/legends crossbreeding.
If there i a problem with the would be Avengers movie is that it feels to crammed: you have a minimum of three characters pulling for top billing (four if you bring in the Hulk) and trying to direct a proper action scenes with such a diverse cast with different power levels would probably tax the mightiest of action masters (if there is an advantage to comics as an action medium is the ability to cream many characters and actions into a single ‘frame’ and still keep it easily comprehensible). It could be awesome, but its likelier to be an ungodly mass.

Sarge said...

Realism doesn't preclude fantasy.

You can have realism in a fantasy setting.

Also: Bob, please take a JAB at not being a misogynist prat, kay? It's possible to affirm your heterosexuality without degrading every woman you mention in every one of your reviews to a frickin' sex object.