Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Joss Whedon quite possibly on "Avengers"

Deadline Hollywood, who has some of the best sources in the gossip business, says that Joss Whedon is Marvel's guy to direct "The Avengers:"

I don't even have to say anything about this, do I?

If this is true, it's at once the surest thing and the biggest gamble Marvel could take.

On the one hand, Whedon is "in the family" having done a lot of comic writing for Marvel, and he's beloved in the "fanboy" community on a level usually reserved only for the "actual" superheroes. Waaaaay back when they were setting up the first Spider-Man movie, Marvel bought themselves the ultimate in fan-reassurance by tapping geek icon Sam Raimi to direct. This, if true, will have a similar effect: Avengers will be "awesome until proven guilty" from now until it comes out. Smooth sailing and nothing but free advertising and hype from the web set from here on out.

On the OTHER hand... for all the fan worship, Whedon basically has ONE successful TV show (and it's spinoff) to his name, while the rest of his output consists of one-season-wonders and movie that.. well, sorry, but pretty-much tanked. That's not to say he's NOT talented - he's a great writer, knows "team dynamics" in genre ficiton inside and out and can direct action - just that it's impressive that Marvel would trust him with what's prospectively the biggest superhero movie ever made.


Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled, personally.

The Resume thing is an understandable concern from a marketing standpoint, of course, but with the exception of "Alien: Ressurection", there are extenuating circumstances for most of those failures (FOX is not generally a kind network for ANY TV show, let alone Science-Fiction shows, while the original "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" movie was pretty clearly the product of extensive Executive Meddling). Thing is, the nice part of being a CONSUMER of Movies rather than a maker of Movies or someone with vested financial interest in them is that marketing problems are not MY problems.

As such, I can simply sit back, look at my two volumes of "Astonishing X-Men" and 7 DVD Seasons of "Buffy" and say, "Yup, I'd trust this guy to crank out a great Avengers movie". Here's hoping.

Fandango said...

The only reason Firefly and Dollhouse tanked is because, even though they were great and awesome, Fox still decided not to follow through for some bizarre reason. I think they just hate the guy because of their lack of involvement in trying to get these shows going.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem I have with Whedon is that nothing ever seems to be his fault. Ever. It's always something else. So, allow me to play devil's advocate:

The Avenger's movie will focus on a fetishized version of Wasp, who will be a token feminist.

Dialogue will occainsionally reach "awkward-Juno" levels of cringe-ness.

The mood of any scene will be impossible to predict, because Joss likes shouting "surprise" more than keeping a consistent tone.

Just calling it now, folks.

LK said...

The man does know group dynamics, though.
Since it has already been established that Tony Stark says whatever is on his mind, he would fill the Cordelia/Spike/Jayne slot, and if they do what I figure they will with Black Widow, there's your hot-babe-who-kicks-ass slot, which is a fetish of his (and 99% of the geek world, admit it.).
However, I freely admit, Dollhouse didn't work.

Sarge said...

Dollhouse was given a lot of room by Fox, actually. They even renewed it for a second season, even though the first season got terrible ratings.

Problem is, the idea may have worked for a movie. Maybe. But as a series, there's just nowhere for it to go.

Firefly was sweet.

Andrew said...

The second season of Dollhouse got really good towards the end. Pitty it took so long to get there. I'm excited, but that might just be my browncoat nostalgia kicking in.

This is like saying Miyamotou just got pegged to lead a team of game designers to make a game where Link teams up with Master Chief and Kratos. I mean, there's parts of that statement that just draw you in and you can't help being excited over, but then there's the realization of, "dang, this is probably going to be not as great as I hope it will."

Kyle said...

I'm easy. I just saw the Wolverine movie, and well... I liked it fine.

So I'm not worried.

Oh, and I didn't like Spiderman 1 or 3 strangely enough. Half of 2 was really good.

So we'll see. But, I'm hopeful.