Friday, November 02, 2012

Escape to The Movies: "Wreck-It Ralph"

Did you have a good Halloween? I had a good Halloween. Go see "Wreck-It Ralph."

Also! I interviewed The RZA. That was surreal.


KevinCV said...

I planning on seeing this with my buddy when I go visit him next week, so I've been looking forward to hearing what you have to say on it. I'm glad you didn't give away many of the major plot developments. I can't wait to see it. :)

Hewlett said...

@Anonymous 5:08
"Bob, what made you such a hateful dick?"
Takes one to know one, you blustering bullshitter.

Fallen Angel said...

If Wreck-it Ralph is "Toy Story for games", then ParaNorman is "The Sixth Sense for kids" and Brave is "Disney princess with Pixar dressing", right?


Eh. Whatever. My Halloween was cool.

Andrew said...

Just got back from it. It's a solid 3-to-3.5 star movie. Not spectacular, but pretty damn good for non-Pixar. Yeah, had to say it, but I blame all the crappy-looking animated movie previews I had to sit through.

I wish the movie had been maybe 10 minutes longer, as I too would have loved to have seen more of Calhoun (nitpick: she got less badass as the movie went along, which seemed like a sad and counter-productive bow to convention), but I loved what they did with Venelope's backstory. She's annoying, as little kids are, but when she and Ralph get serious, the movie's fantastic.

P.S. I didn't see the reveal-of-sorts (not a big one, promise) coming, but I blame the movie's pure fun and fast pace for not giving me a chance to notice or even care ahead of time.

ScrewAttackSamus said...

looks like you got people's briefs in a bunch over mentioning the "male character but with boobs" cliche that games keep using.

Anyway, I actually hope this might get a sequel so we can get MORE game commentary and more cameos. Seriously, there MUST a Mario or Samus cameo eventually.

Andrew said...

The problem with sequelizing these kinds of movies is:

A) The characters and relationships won't be fresh anymore. We know how Ralph and Venelope work, we saw them become friends, work together, so where do you go from there?

B) They're inevitably going to introduce new characters, meaning that the old characters will be de-emphasized, likely pushed the sidelines. Unless the filmmakers take the gutsy step by leaving 2-3 characters out of the movie, there won't be room for new ones.

C) They're gonna tell the same story again. Oh, Ralph is feeling unappreciated and frustrated again? He's going to once again go out into other gaming genres, find himself, learn a lesson, save the day, and go back home? Again?

Unless a sequel takes a bolder step, like addressing the death of arcades head-on, forcing the characters to leave their world and enter ours, to interact with us Roger Rabbit-style (all animated, though), or going to some Valinor/Heaven-like place, or just try to move the arcade machines somewhere that'll never run out of electricity, where old arcade characters can live in peace long after the arcades are gone, I don't think there's a story there.

And, sad to say, a story like that (which I gotta say sounds pretty cool, even though I just made it up) probably wouldn't fit a trilogy.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I wonder what kind of joyless life Jim Bevan must lead to be this dedicated to his admitted harassment.

Anyway, the film shouldn't get a sequel because it's obviously a "throw all our best ideas at once" kind of film. What will a sequel do? Throw in more cameos while recycling more tired plot formulas? Disney doesn't have the balls to do some much-needed harsh satire of the industry or ponder on anything even slightly philosophical, so it would just be a cavalcade of "oh, look, nostalgia!"

Of course, we already know they probably have a couple script drafts finished for a sequel anyway.

JosiahLilligren said...

Howdy Bob,

Why no reference to the Disney short before the movie? It was simple, sweet and full of heart (something I feel Disney is slowly getting back to).

Also, at PAX 2012 I did get a chance to play the arcade and while I may have grown up more of a pc keyboard gamer than a joystick gamer it was pretty kick ass.

Thanks again for your review.

Hasse said...

Hey Bob.
I know you've been sort of rallying against "dark and gritty" comic book movies and I also remember that you've picked Watchmen as one of your favorite comic book movies, so I thought you might find this short comic by Alan Moore interesting:

- Hassus

MovieBob said...


Oh, I'm familiar with "Dourdevil." Stone-cold classic. Say what you will about Alan Moore, he had Frank Miller pegged (and they were FRIENDS at the time, I believe!) YEARS before everyone else did.

Hasse said...

I should have guessed that you were way ahead of me, hehe.

I've got to say that even though I've never read any of Miller's works Dourdevil is pretty much exactly what I've feared they would be like.

Btw, thanks for providing a lot of great content. I'm a loyal watcher of your various shows and check your blog almost daily.

Anonymous said...

Really happy that Wreck-It Ralph is good. Was looking forward to this for a long time.

Also, despite the previous movies, I think Wolverine might actually be good. It looks like they're portraying Wolverine as an actual Japanese samurai rather than the tough-but-likable blank slate position he occupied in the other movies. They at least seem to be going for that aesthetic, which is really cool.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of grim and gritty comic parodies. Calvin and Hobbies did a good one.

Phil said...

Wreck-It Ralph is a travesty, deeply embedded in a culture populated only by privileged whites. Gaming culture is a "thing", unfortunately, but the true tragedy of this whole production is not that there are overweight white people like Bob who would go so far as to characterize video game characters this way, no sir, it's that it's become such a popular aspect in pop culture that Disney thought a movie like this would be profitable. Incredible.

And not only that, but the main character is a white man played by a white. Whoa, didn't see that one coming. In fact, it's quite ironic: deep white culture played by whites. You can't get much more pathetic than this.

Here I thought Disney was getting back on track with Princess and the Frog, but looks like I was wrong again. I'm not even gonna say "fuck Bob". I'll just leave the poor child alone and drooling in his own fantasy world this week.

AwkwardBeardMan said...

@Phil: What you talkin bout Phillis?

KevinCV said...

@Phil Would you like some cheese to go with your whine, sir?

Andrew said...

This can't even be the same Phil. Last week's Phil had a reasonable gripe that he just went a little too far on, and got shriller and more cartoony the more he was challenged on it. This "Phil" doesn't even have that level of dignity at that Phil. He's just complaining about the very existence of white people.

Don't conflate this Phil with the last one. It's nothing more than bad satire.

Anonymous said...

Well, I tried, at least. But you can put it on the record that this caricature, even if bad satire, is pretty much my only regard for Phil anymore.

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tlegg said...

i have to ask as someone who has to wait about 3 months for this is there a reason why I shouldn't have to pirate this.

I mean I guess that the reason for this is something to do with thanksgiving but to be honest, there is no reason for why the uk has to wait I mean we will watch a film in November.

you know unless shrove tuesday is really a popular time to go to the cinema.

Anonymous said...

The purple rhino boss from Altered Beast was Neff in beast form. So why is Neff just walking around all the time as a rhino rather than in human form?

Also did anyone else notice the Horned Reaper?

Anonymous said...

I don't get how Zangeif is a bad guy what with his SF2 backstory being that he's street fighting to be good role model for children (yeah ok, but he's doing it for a good reason at least)

Ezenwa Anyanwu said...

Zangief really isn't a bad guy. He's neutrally just wrestling for his country.

Also, I saw the movie. I liked it a whole lot. Very enjoyable film. Then I saw the box office numbers and the budget and thought how awful it would be if this movie ended up getting the "Scott Pilgrim" treatment of no viewers.

I really hope that doesn't happen.

kevmon1116 said...

Just saw this at the AMC in DOWNTOWN DISNEY! One of the best parts of my vacation thus far. I think that arcade Cabinet should go everywhere, it's a fun game!

Ezenwa Anyanwu said...

I'd like it if the arcade was at MAGfest.

Megabyte said...

Saw it, loved it, and I reccomend it highly as well.

But somehow, I didn't see so much Gears of War in Heroe's Duty. What rushed at me... was Starcraft... right down to the enemy being bugs.

Add a little but of Halo for one specific room, and the name/gamer perspective from Call of Duty, and I think the nail is hit.

But seriously, look at the soldiers in that part of the game and tell me you don't see StarCraft marines.

Oh and Phil... go cry. Seriously. Go cry. Im sick of people demanding how characters are designed due to personal agendas. Let people make games/movies/paintings/ect and if you can't enjoy it due to some obnoxious lense you look at the world through, don't try to ruin it for the rest of us.

Rory said...

Glad it's good, but kinda surprised it didn't make Bob all gushy like I expected he would be like in the Scott Pilgrim review. And I love the idea of him going into that Halo knockoff game as a diatribe of how violent video games have gotten and lost that creative whimsy. I instantly think of Yahtzee's recent review of MOH: Warfighter (hahahaha) and Doom 3.
But y'know what's funny, not long after seeing this review did I see on Fox Movie Channel 1992's Toys starring Robin Williams. I keep forgetting just how surreal that film was despite its lame writing which cops out on its own overlaying theme of War is Bad. But Bob, maybe you should watch this again if you haven't seen it in a while, because the bad guy's whole rant about making better solders of kids though video games is eerily prophetic seeing how FPS gun wanks have taken over console gaming...but regardless, Micheal Gambon's performance as Leeland Zebo should be a template into how to portray the Superman villain Toyman in future movies..y'know if they EVER decide to use villains that we haven't already frigging seen in previous films!

Rory said...

Crap, let correct the spelling error: General Leland Zevo...there was a fly in his office, he shot bullets at it like any rational person would, and shot himself in the foot getting the fly. At that point I wondered why this man was never discharged due to psychological instabilities. But then Toys doesn't have a lot of basis in reality, I was surprised the movie didn't just end with them panning away to reveal it all took place in a snow globe, only to get knocked over and shattered by a bouncing piece of Flubber!

The Almighty Narf said...

Finally got to see it.

If Disney doesn't turn "Sugar Rush" into an actual game, I will never forgive them.

Dr. Thinker said...

According to "Tumblr", it's seems to cosplay for next year isn't going to be Felix & Tamora but Ralph & Vanellope.